Why Collaborating Creatively With Your Customers Helps You Transcend Being Just Another Brand An interesting thing I’ve observed is that as the practice of collaboration is becoming more sophisticated, the practitioners and strategists alike are becoming innovative and creative as well. So when Ethan Song, CEO of the […]


Collaboration key to job creation At the risk of extolling too much that collaboration is the answer to all problems, I have to say I like hearing that there are more and more simple and direct arguments for collaboration.  When we mention jobs now I am sure that […]

The ‘D’ word and collaboration

I recently spoke to a colleague who noted that collaboration is all the rage now.  I suppose I never thought of collaboration as being űber cool, but I got the sentiment of the observation.  Often, many things in business, government and life in general become popular at some point.  […]

Collaborate for Life

Work is a deeply personal manifestation of the sum of human possibilities. Humans work for various reasons, some of which are not always explicitly clear. Sometimes this lack of insight can last over very many life cycles. We know that work is a means to something else. From […]


The Blueprint for Collaboration It is near impossible to argue for the model of collaboration. In fact arguing for such a premise would be counterintuitive to collaboration. Having said that, it’s great to see any effort that adds to the mix.  I found this infographic on the ‘visua-ly’ […]


This week’s selection of recommended reading suggests that collaboration can help outliers to compete with giants; that various industries can project major business growth of both jobs and income; that some industries can better deal with future challenges; and that philanthropy may be set for major changes.  Additionally, […]


This edition of recommended reading focuses on four recent examples of how collaboration is gaining traction as a solution for large scale challenges. The articles include an insight into the growing scale of the collaborative economy as a market factor (or force as some would argue). My favourite […]


There seems to be a broad understanding among business leaders and managers across industries and sectors that collaboration, innovation, and better engagement with a variety of partners is a new reality which will help many move forward. It is becoming increasingly apparent that solutions are less likely to […]


A recent report on the state of collaboration for the purpose of innovation indicated that Australia is ranked 23 out of 26 OECD countries. This ranking is even poorer with regard to international collaboration (despite evidence showing that ‘distance’ is not really a factor). So, a long journey […]


Hopefully this edition of ROADMENDER Recommends will satisfy those in need of some inspiration, incentive and perhaps even motivation to tackle Monday head on. While Google’s innovative culture and creativity has been covered a lot, there always seems to be something new, as the last article here indicates. […]

The Collaboration Instinct: Part 2/3

The early, and somewhat negative, connotations of the term collaboration were formed during the Napoleonic era and then thoroughly reinforced during World War Two. The connotative reading of the term added a measure of reservation and thereby prevented an all-out enthusiastic embrace of the practice for some time. […]


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Rose K, Gantner Ed.D

Jelenko Dragisic succinctly demonstrates how collaboration enhances a team’s performance, motivation, trust, recognition, leadership, and produces tangible and intangible results that beat the competition consistently. The Collaboration Instinct hits the grand slam.

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