The Collaboration Instinct (book)

Yes, collaboration is a bit of buzzword. But behind the buzz there is a kind of timeless truth in the proposition that in ever disruptive systems such as business, government or society, complex problems cannot be solved unless collaborative effort is involved. Collaboration is much more than a mere sum of parts. It is not just a combined effort by two or more parties. Its essence is in the very nature of things, albeit hidden from plain view.





BookCoverWHEN WE STOPPED EATING BANANAS: Disaster Resilience: Ten Years After Tropical Cyclone Larry (e-book)

Following TC Larry in March 2006 the word resilience was not something Australian political leaders used regularly when discussing disasters. Now 10 years on, no politician would dare to mention the word disaster without mentioning the concept of resilience. Many times. And that’s a good thing. But what happened that brought on such a change? A lot of record breaking natural disasters as well as a lot of political, economic and technological disruption for a start.

This monograph is an attempt to survey that period through a prism of personal observations during my involvement in disaster recovery and disaster resilience work that to me seems like a fast moving train. Thus this moment to pause and ponder.