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ROADMENDER offers interactive webinars focusing on development of key collaboration skills required in contemporary workplace.

Unlocking the key to collaboration


ROADMENDER offers micro-workshops on collaboration for groups of 12-15 participants.

As opposed to a standard workshop approach, a micro-workshop is an amalgam of a number of elements designed to saturate the environment with high volumes of information, concepts and ideas which are discussed with the notion of testing the relevancy of each concept against a given problem. The micro-workshop is about an intensity of purpose that focuses on lasting effects whereby participants can reflect both consciously and with a little awareness after the event.

The micro-workshop (see sample flier below) blends brainstorming with organic, in-depth discussions around ideas and concepts that challenge participants, with no specific limit to time dedication for one particular concept over another. Instead, competing ideas create a natural flow of discussion and logic that is intuitive to the participating group. With this in mind the micro-workshop is designed to be conducted in one block of approximately 2.5 hours.

The micro-workshop is an intensive and energetic learning experience that creates a perfect base for everyone who is interested in advancing their collaborative skills.

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On 7 November 2013, ROADMENDER launched its micro workshop program by exploring the role of collaboration in social change session which was a part of Australia’s National Festival of Social Change. The focus of the festival was: A celebration of great work happening in Australia, an exploration of the ideas, people, and technologies driving change, and an invitation for everyone to get involved in creating a better future“.

The ROADMENDER micro-workshop is part of ongoing work focusing on the exploration of collaborative practice, promotion of collaboration as an ever more important discipline and development of collaborative strategies and models. The workshop explored a range of concepts such as collaboration intelligence (CQ), collaboration premium, collaboration instinct (see three part blog on the concept on ROADMENDER’s home page for more).

The workshop was supported by Macquarie Group who provided the facilities in their new office space at Level 7, 825 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

This collab brought together a range of people whose work has been informed and enabled to some degree by collaboration.  The aim of the workshop was to investigate models of collaboration that could add value to any agency (social enterprise, government or private sector) dedicated to social change.

The event was fully booked and due to space constraints we could not accept all the expressions of interest.  However, ROADMENDER runs regular micro-workshops and it will allocate free space at the first available opportunity to those who have missed the event on 7 November.

For those who missed the event below is the link to a short video (more about the proceedings can be found on main page).

For more about the festival:

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