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When I read that two automotive giants, Toyota and Mazda, are looking to collaborate by sharing their technologies, I thought that it pretty much reflected business norm. But then I reminded myself that in reality collaboration between competitors on such a deep level is not a simple process. […]


Some people have worked out long time ago that, at the very least, collaboration equals saving. In itself, this may be all that is needed for a collaboration to produce the desired outcomes. Personally I think might be cutting it short of the full potential that a collaborative […]

Out-collaborate your competition!

It is very rare now to read about collaboration in a business context without the point being made that collaboration is ‘new competition’ or a form of ‘co-opetition’. This is true. It is also true that despite a growing number of business leaders becoming seriously engaged with this […]

Collaboration produces a competitive advantage

Collaboration, as I argue continuously, provides a competitive advantage to enterprises across industries and sectors. The key to unlocking that competitive advantage is to better understand both the collaboration practice and your own enterprise’s position in the market. Effectively, this necessitates approaching collaboration as a strategy that can […]

Who’s afraid of collaboration?

In the wise words of Arthur Schopenhauer; ‘talent hits the target nobody else can hit, genius hits the target nobody can see’. The reality though, is that most people don’t go around contemplating how to be geniuses; mostly they try to do the best with the talent they […]