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Convincing your boss to collaborate

A couple of  years ago researchers at Berkley published a paper titled “Failure at the Top: How Power Undermines Collaborative Performance” which concluded that when asked to collaborate “groups of high power individuals performed worse because they fought over their relative status in the group, were less focused […]


“Collaboration is good business”. So asserts Forbes’ contributor Erica Dhawan in “The Secret Weapon For Collaboration”; an article that is included this edition of recommended reading. That simple message is worth repeating as we know that collaboration thrives when the right culture is in place. And, as with […]


Collaboration in 2014: 10 Predictions Predicting the future is big business. It is also tricky.  But that doesn’t make it any less interesting or engaging.  As far as predictions in respect to collaboration go, this piece by David Coleman is definitely worth noting.  Without spoiling the pleasure of […]