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Collaboration has always been risky

A recent global collaboration study of 476 organisations found that nearly 70% have used collaboration apps.  Reliance on collaboration tools continues to increase as more companies use apps to support their business.  With that shift in workplace practice, or rather, scaling up of an existing practice, comes an […]


One sure sign that collaboration is becoming an indispensable part of business strategy for smart businesses that understand competitive advantage, is an increasing investment in collaboration-focused technology. A very exciting aspect of this is immersive technology. How technology might shape collaboration is yet to be seen. Ultimately it […]

Holacracy and collaboration

I was tempted to title this article along the lines of If you need to be managed you probably suck as a collaborator. But, I think that would overstate the point a bit. In principle, I believe in the necessity of management because value creation is complex and […]

Soft nepotism is not collaboration

The simplest image that comes to mind when we mention collaboration is ‘working together’. Yet, despite the logic of the literal translation of the word, the real meaning is somewhat richer. I think the focus should be on the desired end result: making our enterprises more relevant; more […]