Collaboration Instead of Litigation: Nokia Takes the High Road During Settlement Negotiations with HTC for Patent Infringement Disputes

The idea of collaborative competition is not entirely new but the magnitude of such behaviour is starting to become a major factor in the market.  Companies are realising that litigation resulting from fierce competition in fact leaves all parties more vulnerable.  This blog post submitted by Rana Wahdan explains the details behind this collaboration.  READ ON…


7 Habits of Social Collaboration

Stop being polite and other ways to create a truly collaborative team

Simon T. Bailey says that “C-level executives tell me all the time, “we have the best-of-breed experts in their fields. Knockdown experts. But they cannot form themselves into a team.” This is an almost universal sentiment I too hear in my daily interactions.  Good things do not come easy. Getting people to collaborate is no different from any other form of cultural engineering. As a rule of thumb I think that applying Hans Kelsen’s ‘normative power of facticity’ can serve as a starting point for unlocking the collaborative instinct. Simon T Baily, CEO of Brilliance Institute, offers more advice which is based on his broad experience.  READ ON…


Mayor: Collaboration key to city’s future

City leaders across the globe increasingly reflect on a famous remark by the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro who eloquently observed that city leadership is not judged by how well it does things but how well it prepares its city for the future.  This story by Matthew Kent is about Chillicothe Mayor Jack Everson who puts collaboration squarely at the centre of his city’s potential for economic development. I have written at some length on what I have termed the collaborative city and hope that more city leaders globally recognise the driving force of collaboration.  READ ON…


The disruptive power of collaboration: An interview with Clay Shirky

My last post was titled Collaboration – the mother of all disruption.  A day later, I found this little gem on the McKinsey & Company website; an interview with Clay Chirky, a New York University professor famous as a consultant and analyst of the internet and social media.  Some know him for his famous phrase ‘the Internet runs on love’.  I personally am interested in his work in the area of crowdsourcing and collaboration.  READ ON…


Collaboration Is Risky. Now, Get On With It.

This post on SAP Business Innovation by Whitney Johnson (which originally appeared on Harvard Business Review) captures some critical lessons collaborating partners and strategists should take note of. While the author points to some deceptively simple, common sense principles, the depth of their importance in collaboration is well crafted.  READ ON…



Monty-Python-l (2)

…and now for something completely different…


5 Ways To Reframe Your Failures

“If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.” Thomas Watson Jr.

As children, we are naturally inquisitive, curious, eager, and willing to try new things. When they don’t work out we are quick to move on and try something else. We don’t waste time or emotions worrying about what didn’t work, we simply move on to trying something else…


Nikhil Arora: Transparent Is the New Clever

In this high-energy talk, Back to the Roots co-founder Nikhil Arora shares his unconventional methods for launching his company from a college experiment to a fully functioning social enterprise. Arora shares how candid transparency (and pictures of ugly fungi) helped his company’s mushroom growing kits become a hit among children and on Facebook…


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