Understanding the Future of Work: 8 Traits of Collaborative Leadership [Infographic]

Last week I published a post about auteur leadership, which I consider to be a very suitable form of leadership for collaboration.  This article by Amy Bishop examines some critical traits of collaborative leadership.  She opens her article with the following quote:

Collaboration isn’t about giving up your individuality. Quite the opposite: it’s about realizing your potential. It’s about bringing your many gifts to the table and sharing them in pursuit of a common goal. It’s about bringing your ideas, your passion, your mind, heart, and soul to your leadership and culture.”— Meghan Biro, Smart Leaders and the Power of Collaboration

Amy then goes on to point out that “With the collaborative economy pushing businesses into the next phase of social business, executives must learn how to motivate, encourage and lead employees [and customers too] in a way that adds value to everyone involved in the collaborative work environment. Employees and customers are collaborating on products, services and content more than ever before. In preparation for the collaborative economy, consider what role do executives play in fostering a collaborative environment when employees and customers can receive what they need from each other.”  The following infographic is a really cool way of explaining the difference between traditional and collaborative leaders.  Read on…

collaborative-leadership infographic

Denmark’s collaborative culture makes it a breeding ground for sustainability

Oliver Balch of The Guardian, argues that “proactive government, social responsibility and a willingness to collaborate, have put Denmark ahead on sustainability”, which is really something that every society should take on board right now.  Sustainability, in the case of Denmark, has not come easy; rather, it is the result of hard work and collaboration between the government and private sector, as well as the community in general.  This article explains how collaboration lends itself well as a platform and strategy to those entities that are able to put their self-interest into a broader perspective and engage in long term thinking.  Read on…


collaboration + Denmark

collaboration + Denmark

8 Best Apps for Team Collaboration

I think the best human ‘app’ for collaboration is ‘attitude’, but I also recognise that attitude can sometimes be aided by the use of smart apps that can make things a bit easier for those who find collaboration demanding.  Jess Fee of Mashable writes that there are hundreds of apps that claim to “increase productivity” and “optimize company workflow”, but questions how many actually succeed.Mashable has selected a list of 8 apps to make your workday easier, and also to make team collaboration more enjoyable in the process.

I couldn’t decide which one I liked best from the list provided.  Also, because some of them are new to me I will need to test them.  If you have a recommendation please share with ROADMENDER.  Read on…

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  1. Jelenko,

    Thanks for digging deep on this email. I especially like the infographic.

    Cheers mate

  2. Thanks David,
    I think it’s interesting how the difference between the traditional and collaborative leadership is so subtle but on aggregate it has the potential to create world of difference for staff as well as stakeholders.

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