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Convincing your boss to collaborate

A couple of  years ago researchers at Berkley published a paper titled “Failure at the Top: How Power Undermines Collaborative Performance” which concluded that when asked to collaborate “groups of high power individuals performed worse because they fought over their relative status in the group, were less focused […]


Wikipedia has just celebrated 15 years of service. I can’t imagine there is a person out there who has not used it. It is just one of those reference tools one can’t go without. In many ways Wikipedia is almost synonyms with the idea of collaboration more so […]

The House of Collaboration

“Politeness is the poison of collaboration.” – Edwin Land Is collaboration reducible to leadership? For some, this is a question with an obvious answer. For me, it is not the pursuit of the perfect answer, but rather the question itself that deserves some discussion. This is necessary for […]


Understanding the Future of Work: 8 Traits of Collaborative Leadership [Infographic] Last week I published a post about auteur leadership, which I consider to be a very suitable form of leadership for collaboration.  This article by Amy Bishop examines some critical traits of collaborative leadership.  She opens her […]