‘Collaboration is the new business driver’,

Chris Kelsey asks “could co-operatives and mutuals offer alternative business models that are fairer, more sustainable and deliver lasting improvement in the economic and social well-being?” I’m not sure if in reality we can say there is more choice if we take a longer term view.  Perhaps there’s some room to manipulate the circumstances, but without a shred of doubt I believe that within 2 decades we’ll be looking back at the period post GFC and wondering why it took us so long to act on clear potential and placing collaboration on centre stage.  READ ON…


Collaboration helps with funding loss

I am always amazed to see just how creative, driven and entrepreneurial enterprises can be when they find themselves pushed against the wall as a result of financial strain.  Ashley Bergner writes a little piece that talks precisely about that.  The author makes a point about how some results are only possible when entities (in this case a local government) unlock potential previously not considered within their grasp. Now, if collaboration can help when funding losses hit, does that not make an even stronger argument that collaboration is well suited for business growth?  READ ON…


The Future of Collaboration Lies in Human Resources’ Hands

Mention the word collaboration and you can be sure that most people wouldn’t be surprised. The term is so familiar and to many it has become just another byword.  It is only when we attempt to explain some contextual factors that people start to wonder about the power of collaboration.  Luis Suarez wrote this elegant analysis of collaboration as practice and poses a question (or perhaps more controversially, asserts a point) that HR professionals are not really up with the idea.  As a consequence we still see persistent lack of serious dedication to collaboration as it seems to imply that competition is the polar opposite to collaboration.  READ ON…


Chart: Collaboration by innovation-active businesses within Australia, by type of organisation collaborated with, 2008–09. Source:

Chart: Collaboration by innovation-active businesses within Australia, by type of organisation collaborated with, 2008–09. Source:

OPINION: Collaboration in innovation the way ahead

ROADMENDER has consistently promoted one exciting feature of collaborative practice; the potential for innovation.  This ‘to the point’ piece by Christina Gerakiteys, the creative director at Ideation At Work, make the case that collaboration is very soundly linked with creativity and innovation.  READ ON…


How to collaborate and partner with other sectors as a small charity

Becky Slack wrote this piece for The Guardian where she neatly explains several features of collaborative practice.  Ms Slack makes the now well noticed point that collaboration has recently been seen as a saviour of the ‘voluntary sector’.  That indeed is one of the areas where collaboration has gained more urgency; the argument that collaboration is an open option, and not just to large charities.  In fact, I do believe that small not for profits are in a better position to gain from innovative collaborations that large organisations may not be able to achieve.  READ ON…


When You’re Preparing for a Task, Say “You Can Do It,” not “I Can Do It”

And now, something completely different.  Andrew O’Connell shares this valuable lesson for the perennial students amongst us.  Apparently, “by distancing us from ourselves, the use of the second and third person in internal monologues enables us to better regulate our emotions”, something that may be useful to some.  A little bit of personal insight when we collaborate can’t hurt.  READ ON…


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