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What makes collaborating teams tick?

On the surface everyone is a collaborator, and every team is a collaborating team. That is the ‘sell’ in contemporary workplaces. Businesses invest in collaboration as a part of their business strategy for a variety of reasons; improving organisational culture, trust, productivity, competitiveness or even, more imaginatively, to […]

De-risking collaboration

While collaboration has often been praised and promoted as a cure all, endorsing it in this way borders on irresponsible.  In business there are no easy, fail-safe ways of finding good business solutions to complex problems, designing winning strategies or delivering results that meet everyone’s expectations.  The appeal […]

Reclaiming collaboration

It’s time to wrest the subtle art of collaboration from the jaws of everyday spin. The famous co-founder of once widely popular start-up WeWork claimed that the majority (70%) of those who paid to use the WeWork shared space collaborated.  This always seemed like a possibility given that […]

Collaboration: newspeak, a euphemism or a real deal

We’re nearly at the 2-year mark since COVID 19 disrupted our universe.  Businesses have learnt many lessons, and many have embraced new strategies such as collaboration, even with competitors.  In fact, competitors tend to embrace collaboration with each other more often than is recognised.  This is not surprising […]

Collaboration has always been risky

A recent global collaboration study of 476 organisations found that nearly 70% have used collaboration apps.  Reliance on collaboration tools continues to increase as more companies use apps to support their business.  With that shift in workplace practice, or rather, scaling up of an existing practice, comes an […]


One can never have too much of a good thing. And knowing a good thing when you see it is a good thing in itself.  Collaboration with a strategic purpose is a good thing for the willing and those paying attention to the simple fact that businesses are […]

When to Turn Down Collaboration

Collaboration in the entertainment industry is hot right now. Essentially, all pop music stars maintain their relevance by collaborating at one point or another with other musicians. It is not only pop stars that collaborate. The fashion industry, sport, gaming and others all embrace collaboration. It has become […]

Reboot your business development

Let’s be clear; collaboration is not the answer to every business challenge. But ignoring its potential is quite likely to make every aspect of your business more complicated and costlier. With that in mind I recommend that in the current oscillating climate of business confidence uncertainty and disruption, […]


Theoretically, the longest chess game possible involves 5,949 moves. That implies a lot of combinations. But I wonder how many combinations are possible in business collaboration. In my experience I think collaboration would give chess a run for its money. We should not be surprised at that possibility […]


I am regularly asked whether I think that a new business undertaking, be it a start-up, a social enterprise or a traditional business venture, has a better chance of succeeding with collaboration as part of its strategy. I am inclined to say “Yes”, but with one major qualification; […]

The House of Collaboration

“Politeness is the poison of collaboration.” – Edwin Land Is collaboration reducible to leadership? For some, this is a question with an obvious answer. For me, it is not the pursuit of the perfect answer, but rather the question itself that deserves some discussion. This is necessary for […]