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Collaboration has a challenging problem: it’s appealing for simple tasks but not for strategic long-term goals. The net result is that we have a market for apps and digital tools that ‘facilitate’ collaboration and implicitly lead to all the good things that collaboration produces, including increased productivity, innovation […]


The notion of collaboration as a competitive business strategy has been around for some time. In some sectors it works better than others, but the overall impact on high performing enterprises that look for every bit of advantage they can add to their competitiveness has been demonstrated many […]

How to Avoid a Collaboration Recession!

People in the contemporary workplace (read: high performing, highly motivated, competitive and resilient) expect to be given three things: meaningful work, appropriate reward and ample opportunities to collaborate. That last bit often gets neglected by executive decision makers, who in many instances ascended to those positions via old […]

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Every now and then collaboration can be frustrating.  Invariably it gets people wondering if it is worth the effort and in particular if collaboration is really possible given that humans are prone to both competition and collaboration.  How to reconcile the drivers?  In my first book (The Collaboration […]


From time to time businesses conduct strategic audits to ensure they are better aligned for growth or simply, and probably more often, they merely respond to disruption and challenges. Increasingly there is a focus on collaboration, or lack of it as is the most often the case. No […]


The business world is interesting for a whole host of reasons. How businesses approach collaboration as a strategy is one of them. Why some businesses still struggle and remain unsure about collaboration as a business driver, while others enter into 10 year-long collaborations, is a bit of a […]

Collaboration: ‘over the counter’ style

There is no shortage of people who say they want to collaborate.   Nor is there any shortage of people professing they know how to do it well.  The slight problem is that a lot of collaboration talk is ‘over the counter’ grade quality. Collaboration is a genuine business […]