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Psychoanalysing collaboration

[5 minute read] Technology that enables people to work together is essential. And the more intuitively it is designed, the more effective it is. There is seemingly an exponential proliferation of tools that are branded ‘collaboration’ which promise a world of benefits. COVID-19 has also played an additional […]


The workplace is constantly evolving. Some changes are an adaptation to disruptions, others are the evolutionary results of a combination of factors. Collaboration has emerged as a strong contender as a practice that can significantly reduce the stress of adaptation, enhance innovation and make any enterprise more competitive. […]


Imagining the future is a notoriously difficult task. In fact, leading scientists say we can’t imagine the future; we can only project some juxtaposed images and sensations from the past. Regardless, our nature is to try. And so it is when we think about the way we will […]