Demonstrating the Business Value of Social Collaboration

This piece by Christian Buckley, Director of Product Evangelism at Metalogix, is valuable and well worthy of consideration by strategists and business leaders as they attempt to make critical decisions in relation to the right path for collaboration.  As the author points out, for social collaboration to work there “must be some kind of connection to business processes”.  Most managers would naturally understand this but the process of making the analysis and ensuring that the decision is right for the specific enterprise is slightly more complicated because collaboration is not as simple as it may often seem.  READ ON…


What are your company’s barriers to collaboration? [infographic]


House approves legislation encouraging collaboration among communities to boost efficiency

Encouraging communities to collaborate is one thing.  Making collaboration a strategy for efficiency within these groups may be an entirely different one, as Richie Davis explains in this great piece that looks at the mechanisms of collaboration between towns and cities.  The article caught my attention because it delves into the delegated and legislated powers which form a basis for collaboration between different jurisdictions.  READ ON…


The Spectator’s View: Collaboration key in hospital flood crisis

Most surveys of business risk indicate that disasters remain at the top of the list on a global scale.  It is natural then to see that many are looking for solutions to protect their businesses, whether they be government delivered services, private sector organisations or community groups.  As Lee Prokaska reports, this is a simple lesson on how collaboration can work well in hospitals affected by flood.  READ ON…


Collaboration Skill #7 – Telling the Lemon Wedge Story

Dr. Ellen Cavanaugh shares her insights into the skill of teaching collaboration to younger audiences.  As pointed out in previous posts, teaching collaboration is in itself a collaborative process.  Specifically, the author talks about the skill of welcoming a new member to a team.  In this down to earth story it is very easy to make broader connections to a variety of scenarios where collaboration is supposed to come naturally.  READ ON…


Why collaboration between banks and alternative lenders is good for small businesses

This piece comes from UK where perhaps market dynamics may have more relevance then say here in Australia.  Regardless, there is an interesting scenario that Adam Tavener argues for: the banks and alternative lenders could do a better job to help SMEs.  The author explains how ‘collaborative financiers’ are an emerging feature and how they can be part of a sustainable future.  READ ON…


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