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The growing need for collaboration is expanding the attitude of smart businesses which recognise one simple fact: collaboration is a strategy that can be crafted to work well.  Good business solves problems.  Complex problems call for collaboration, which invariably adds value to sustainable business.  Undertaking collaboration successfully requires […]


A few things make a business as competitive as its capacity to remain relevant.  That is easy to disregard as many business managers tend to ignore disruptive factors.  Relevance in the marketplace can be achieved by many means.  Collaboration has emerged as an indispensable strategy to maintaining relevance […]


There’s no doubt that business savvy managers are increasingly turning to collaboration as an untapped resource. Some start focusing on cost reduction; others go straight to growth. As is the case with most disciplines, so is collaboration coming into the fore in its own right. The mounting evidence […]


One of the staples of the collaboration discipline is its capacity to provide a platform for solving major, large scale and wicked problems. In fact, it’s fair to say that it is precisely these kinds of challenges that originally led global thinkers, business leaders and political decision makers […]

Collaborating as if it matters

Collaboration is not a discretionary strategy: it is primarily an emergent business sustainability driver.  A common habit of many managers is to aim for ‘low hanging fruit’ rather than taking a long term view.  Meeting monthly sales budgets is a prerogative that leaves little room for risky and […]