12 Great Motivational Quotes for 2014

Geoffrey James from Inc. magazine collected these inspirational quotes from the likes of Cicero, Guy Kawasaki, Henry Ford, Seneca and many others.  No matter what we do, there often comes a time when a bit of motivation from others may be needed.  So, to start the New Year’s Recommended Reading, I urge you to take a moment to peruse them. My favourite is the quote from Seneca.  READ ON…


What’s the Difference Between Alignment and Agreement?

The great people of Inc. always provide an impressive source of interesting reading.  In this piece, their senior writer Ilan Mochari examines subtle and obvious differences between ‘alignment’ and ‘agreement’.  Mochari enlists help from a number of specialists in the field of organisational strategy.  There are some very interesting points here, such as the role of trust, which are very much a part of collaborative strategy and practice. READ ON…

Zappos says goodbye to bosses

Jena McGregor from the Washington Post is one of an increasing number of people who have taken note of another unorthodox move by Zappos, an online retailer.  This time, the company that is known in business circles for a number of interesting ‘experiments’ and its progressive and innovative ways of working, has decided to go one step further by abolishing job titles and, more interestingly, managers.  From what I have been able to determine, it seems that, while not explicitly stated, collaboration will be playing an increasingly bigger role in the life of the staff of this company.  READ ON…

What to Consider Before Using Collaboration Software

Collaboration software has been increasingly gaining presence on the market and for many is the starting point when building a collaboration strategy and culture within an enterprise.  This article from B2C provides a good set of guidelines that should be considered (not exclusively) when selecting appropriate software. READ ON…

The KMWorld 2013 conference – Building collaborative enterprises

Collaboration was the pervasive theme of this November 2013 event which drew a number of specialists who shared their expertise.  The interplay between technology and people in an enterprise is always exciting but challenging.  As keynote speaker Nicco Mele stated “Through technology, individuals are gaining power, sometimes at the expense of organizations.”  This may be a small but critical indication of the role of culture in an organisation that is serious about content and knowledge management in a collaborative setting.  READ ON…


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