Top 5 Collaboration Quotes

For some reason we seem to love quotes.  So why not start this read with this list of quotes assembled by Sandra R Campbell on her blog.  My favourite by far is from Edwin Land, an inspiring and original man.  READ ON…



Human to Human (H2H) — Collaboration is the New Competition

A while back (July 2013) I made reference to collaboration being a form of new competition, a view that emerged a little earlier that year and struck a chord with me in my approach to collaboration.  Since then I have consistently made links to this view and continue to do so.  This piece by Tom Lowery, is a really well structured argument that makes it crystal clear that once people get over the overtly simplistic view of collaboration as being the domain of leaders and happy people who like teamwork, we see a glimpse of the nuanced bridge between philosophy, sociology and strategy.  READ ON…


Collaboration is key to data innovation

The importance of data in any enterprise is unquestionably one of the finest points of management.  And bad data, be it in respect to quality, relevance or usability, is impossible to ignore.  In this piece by Neil Crockett, CEO of the Connected Digital Economy Catapult, a national centre that aims to rapidly advance UK digital ideas to the market, explains why collaboration in this area is critical for success. It is interesting to note the parallels of this UK centric discussion with practice here in Australia.  READ ON…


What space taught Chris Hadfield about leadership

Several months ago I recorded the International Space Station (ISS) on my iPhone as it was crossing the sky above Brisbane.  While a regular event and free for all to enjoy, it is truly inspiring to watch this marvel of human collaboration.  Most literally, the ISS is a global collaboration between a number of countries (not just the USA and Russia).  The scientific research taking place is indisputably a product of collaboration in space.  A few weeks ago I read An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield (the mission chief during a 6 month period last year). This article by Joel Kranc on Hadfield’s leadership by caught my attention and I think it’s worth sharing.  READ ON…


Daft Punk and why collaboration works

I have stopped taking count of the number of times when I found a business person inspiring and learn that that person does not thank a management book for their success but rather knowledge gleaned from unexpected sources.  This is why I noticed this post by Patti Johnson who examines the way Daft Punk (duo, group or something else entirely) uses collaboration to produce music that is globally appealing. Regardless of one’s musical taste, it is worth looking into the workings of this outfit and finding ways to apply their approach collaboration into mainstream business.  The author also points out some very common misconceptions that are associated, at times completely unjustly, with collaboration.  READ ON…


Leaders at their best when they collaborate

And now something more close to home.  This piece from by Dr Brenda Jamnik published in the Queensland Times examines the link between modern leadership and collaboration.  Personally, I like the fact that the author makes a strong point about what I consider to be the perennial crisis many leaders suffer; fearing collaboration with competitors.  READ ON…

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