Innovation in Social Collaboration: What’s Next for Businesses in 2014?

Caroline Lyle from Streetwise Media argues that “as social collaboration continues to permeate today’s workplace, the future of business is looking bright”, and I tend to see the sense in that. I believe that the future of workforces is a major factor that will define the collaboration culture as a more dominant form of MO in every corner of industry. Over the past few years most businesses, especially in Australia, have been looking back on the GFC and not really making creative and bold moves in areas that are ripe for innovation.  Perhaps 2014 will provide some degree of incentive, given that stagnation also has limits.  Read On…


How To Reduce Stress And Increase Internal Collaboration In The Workplace

While still on the topic of workforce, it is almost not possible to avoid that old bane of modern work; stress.  In this piece by Forbes contributor Ekaterina Walter we can see what may actually work in terms of reducing stress with a view to making collaboration more effective.  I have often observed in my past management roles, that stress makes collaboration a challenge only for those who are fearful of it in the first place.  Read On…


Collaboration of brands gives mutual benefits, promotes innovation

Collaboration is now present in virtually every facet of business. Every industry now recognises that collaboration and innovation can seriously add value and make each enterprise more competitive and sustainable. This Jakarta Post piece by Jessica Natalie explains how creative industries such as fashion realise the potential of brand collaboration to “supercharge innovation”. Read On…


Collaboration in Culture and Art sector is rich practice

Collaboration in Culture and Art sector is a rich practice

Fruitful collaboration

This is an interesting piece on collaboration in the education sector.  Of particular note is that even a very long-standing institution (in this case one that has been around for 175 years) is able to recognise the power of collaborative culture on a global scale. Read On…


Guggenheim on the Border: Unprecedented collaboration

It may only be my impression, but examining collaboration practices on virtually a daily basis I find that the cultural sector tends to be less restrained and more entrepreneurial in their willingness to explore how collaboration can add to the sustainability of their enterprises.  In part, I think, this may be due to the fact that the cultural sector actually works in a very fast changing world and needs to be open to adaptation. Sometimes this means trying new things with more enthusiasm and creative strategies.  Cindy Graff writes the backstory to a “ground-breaking” collaboration initiative involving the famed Guggenheim MuseumRead On…


Making sense of the Collaboration Economy

Some are still inclined to see the collaboration economy as a blip in market evolution.  Others have already committed to it with full force and vigour, believing in its transformational impact. I am inclined to see this as a major development which will lead to further refinement in the way in which the economy works.  Valeria Maltoni provides some simple but clinically distilled points on the subject.  Read On…


Collaboration urged for advanced prostate cancer care

Over the past several months, ROADMENDER has repeatedly provided information about collaboration as a strategy for solving complex issues that transcend any one enterprise’s interests.  As I have noted on many occasions, the collaboration culture has to be the backdrop against which major issues can be seriously solved, not just managed.  This article by Benjamin P. Saylor examines what is possible when two branches of medicine consider a collaborative approach to solve one of the major health concerns for men. The author explains the findings of recent scientific work published in Urologic Oncology.   Read On…


How do I create a collaboration strategy?

UK based consultancy Smarter Interactive has published a very short but sweet list of factors one may need to consider when developing a collaboration strategy.  Like all strategists, I too have my own approach, philosophy and methods.  I also find that sharing ideas with people who take collaboration strategies seriously comes naturally.  I hope this angle can be of benefit to the ROADMENDER community.  Read On…


Collaboration between vendors key to unlocking cloud

In this piece gleaned from Tech Republic, Ian van Reenen, CentraStage CTO and co-founder, explains why he believes that collaboration between SaaS vendors will be the key to unlocking the cloud.  I suppose there’s little need to explain further, other than to note that the ICT community talks about collaboration in a language that others in the business spectrum sometimes do not fully grasp, i.e. ICT is really not a separate part of business enterprise, despite its tech speak.  Read On…


Collaborative practices in ICT are applicable across paradigms

Collaborative practices in ICT are applicable across paradigms

Creative collaboration: Welcome to content marketing in 2014

Content marketing specialist firm Brafton is one of those emerging companies that integrate collaboration into their work in a strategic way.  In their own words “content marketing is most successful when fuelled by a collaborative approach”, and that would ring true with many specialists who are well aware of the power of content marketing.  I chose this article as I found it to be a decent explanation of the role collaboration plays in CM.  Note: I have no links with this company and this is in no way an endorsement of the quality of its work.  Read On..

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