Roadmender is a collaboration consultancy founded in 2012. It was borne out of years of conversations and discussions with business leaders and executives who have a strong appreciation that behind business growth lies a strategy which requires collaborative culture. Roadmender is about business strategy with collaboration as its backbone.

Roadmender offers tailored solutions to private, government and not for profit sectors.  Roadmender assembles a collaboration team that can assist in large scale business growth programs.  Targeted strategy design seeks to make the best of collaboration as the principal driver for business growth, innovation and high performing culture.

Roadmender is also a platform for likeminded people to learn from each other, discuss new partnerships and engage to build momentum for innovative growth of collaborative business practices.


Meet the Founder

JD (2) Low Res

Jelenko Dragisic is a collaboration strategist, developing and implementing competitive cross-sector partnerships. He is a firm believer that collaboration is a form of “new competition” and the principal paradigm for technical and social innovation.

Having developed many collaborations (from small local projects to large multi-million dollar national projects) over the years, Jelenko works closely with managers and stakeholders in the design of partnerships and collaborative strategies that enable innovation and growth.

Jelenko draws on 20+ years’ experience across a range of leadership and managerial roles in organisations such as Australian Red Cross, Griffith University, Greening Australia and Volunteering Queensland. In his role as CEO of Volunteering Queensland Jelenko designed and implemented the largest collaborative program in Australia focusing on building disaster resilience. This award-winning program included a collaborative effort by a range of NFPs, private sector companies, all levels of government, universities and schools, as well special interest groups.

Jelenko writes and regularly presents on strategy about collaboration, resilience and innovation, and is author of The Collaboration Instinct.



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