Rome wasn’t built in a day

The hype surrounding the start-up culture that has gripped western economies over the past decade or so has become a de facto yardstick for any kind of achievement. Essentially, one struggles to find enough people to understand that not all businesses should be built upon the start-up model; […]


Collaboration watchers may have observed that there were times when collaboration was seen as a threat to a highly prized culture of individualism. Collaboration was somehow perceived as being about collectives, group-thinks, and against individual brilliance. Today that has changed a lot since we have come to embrace […]

When disruption disrupts itself

Every year various major business consulting firms or some such influencers issue a list of emerging jobs or jobs that will be future professions. Many are quite entertaining, for instance; Simplicity Expert, Robot Counsellor, Head Monster, Locationists, Privacy Manager and so on. In most cases they are not […]


Is it too late to add another New Year’s resolution?  I reckon it’s not.  So my pledge is to increase the rate of collaboration.  It will definitely pay off in the long run, even though it can be a bit demanding in the short term.  For those who […]


Anyone who rows a boat generally doesn’t have time to rock it. So they say. While the original meaning of the saying does not necessarily reflect on contemporary situations where the market is disrupted on an ongoing basis, thus posing a challenge to the way we work, I […]