Some people approach collaboration with suspicion. It’s a deep seated attitude going back to the days when competition was defined in terms that neglected a very simple fact; common good and common goals underpin all healthy competition. Competition and collaboration are the new marriage made in heaven for the rising class of managers and entrepreneurs who realise that disrupting old order to solve perennial challenges, be it locally or globally, requires collaborative effort. This week’s selection of recommended reading may inspire any aspiring collaborators.

Sincere thanks to those who have suggested articles for this edition of Roadmender Recommends.


Is collaboration software an email killer?

emailEmail is the go-to platform for business communication, but is it about to be dethroned by a collaboration software successor? Many businesses have become disenchanted with email, viewing it as an outmoded communications tool that cause frustration and zaps productivity. Recent research found the average employee spends more than a quarter of their working week just reading and responding to email…READ ON


The Collaborative Way to Create a Clear Purpose, Values, and Goals

Leadership is about going somewhere—and a big part of that is working with your people to create a clear purpose, values, and goals. This is a key element in the collaborative process we describe, using the acronym UNITE, in my latest book with my co-authors Jane Ripley and Eunice Parisi-Carew, Collaboration Begins with You: Be a Silo Buster…READ ON


Why Creativity Is a Process, Not an Event

creativityIn 1666, one of the most influential scientists in history was strolling through a garden when he was struck with a flash of creative brilliance that would change the world. While standing under the shade of an apple tree, Sir Isaac Newton saw an apple fall to the ground. “Why should that apple always descend perpendicularly to the ground,” Newton wondered. “Why should it not go sideways, or upwards, but constantly to the earth’s center? Assuredly, the reason is, that the earth draws it. There must…READ ON


Collaboration enhances the customer service process

Why collaboration is important? today, customers control businesses. This era is known as the age of the customer because the customer has so many options to choose from, especially in the SaaS space. Businesses need to work hard to keep the customers they have. Collaboration is one way of ensuring clients stay happy and don’t seek out a new service or product that fills their needs. When customer service reps work together on tickets, answers are delivered in a more efficient manner. The rep with the expertise to address the issue can either handle…READ ON


Collaboration the key to improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety

Report highlights challenges and opportunities uncovered in multimodal assessments. Over the course of the last year, more than 1,500 people walked or got on bikes to take part in bicycle and walking safety assessments hosted by dozens of DOT field offices in every state. And while the assessments identified physical barriers such as missing curb cuts or crosswalks, they also made significant progress in identifying ways Federal, State, and local agencies can all work together to ensure pedestrian and bicycle safety…READ ON


Sneaker Politics Pays Homage To The Battle Of New Orleans With Saucony Collaboration

Two hundred years ago, the Battle of New Orleans was the one of the final chapters of the War of 1812 between the Americans and the British. A key part of General Andrew Jackson’s defense against the Brits was a massive cannon that weighed nearly three tons and withstood the test of time as it is still on display in Louisiana today. Sneaker Politics engages this military artifact for an impressive two-part collaboration with Saucony, starting with the Courageous silhouette inspired by the ancient artillery; a tonal turquoise blue suede upper is given contrast with golden detailing on the tongue, which commemorates the cannon as well as the 200th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans. Purchase these this Friday, October 30th at Sneaker Politics in-store and online and be prepared for the second installment of the “Battle for New Orleans” Pack (hint, he led the American army in this conflict) by Sneaker Politics in mid-November…READ ON


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