The proliferation of collaboration platforms is one indicator of the growth and demand for systems that businesses are increasingly turning to in order to make the best of their talent. It’s great to see that level of motivation and entrepreneurialism on a global scale. And just when we thought we had seen it all, there is a new entrant with a slightly better idea. The emergence of the ‘Teambition‘ platform, which has managed to raise serious funding and take on well-established global brands. For more, check out this week’s recommended reading list.

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3 Ways To Turn Rivals Into Collaborators

3 waysIn every organization, there’s a handful of people who everyone else goes to for advice. They know how to manage people. They know how to win and establish trust. They know how to turn adversaries into allies. They’re able to seemingly adopt a neutral stance when conflicts arise. As a result, they’re the most effective leaders. Cosimo de’ Medici, de facto ruler of Florence during the Italian Renaissance, was this kind of person. He knew how to give resources—both economically and politically—to different groups of people to build his giant banking empire. He built layers of relationships through what’s known as “multivocal leadership,” which Brian Uzzi, a Richard L. Thomas professor of leadership…READ ON


Collaborating with Creative Peers

creative teamNot long ago, in the course of studying new product development, we were witnesses to a breakdown in the creative collaboration process. A toy company needed a hit offering for the next holiday shopping season. Early on, a marketer we’ll call Kyle came to a meeting where one of the company’s most talented game developers was previewing a car-and-racetrack game concept. During the discussion, Kyle piped up with his advice: “It needs some kind of creature.” The developer paid little attention. If anything, he resented the feedback from…READ ON


How Collaboration Can Turn Customers into Brand Promoters

Years ago, consumers had very little say in corporate strategies and presentation. Information was disseminated in a top-down fashion, and brands retained complete control over what their customers knew and said about them. In today’s world of social media, Reddit and Wikipedia, consumers have more power than ever to share information about a brand. Raymond King, CEO of domain application and management company Top Level Design, believes that instead of fighting against this trend, companies should be collaborating with customers to give them a richer, more meaningful brand experience…READ ON


Work collaboration platform Teambition raises $12M to take on Microsoft 365

Shanghai-based workplace collaboration platform Teambition announced this week that it has raised $12 million in Series B funding from investors including NLVC, IDG, Vangoo Capital, and Gobi Partners. Teambition is an online platform that allows for workplace collaboration on things like events, tasks, posts, and cloud-based file libraries. Immediate comparisons that come to mind include Planner, Asana, Basecamp, Wunderlist, Trello, Slack, Jive, Dropbox, Google for Work, and even Microsoft 365. This Series B round brings Teambition’s total funding to date to $17 million — it previously raised a $5 million Series A in December last year, and…READ ON


What VW Didn’t Understand About Trust

Bugatti Atlantic...world's most expensive car. The brand is owned by VW.

Bugatti Atlantic…world’s most expensive car. The brand is owned by VW.

The ripple effects of the Volkswagen scandal go well beyond the 11 million cars affected, the CEO’s resignation today, and the steep fines the company is facing. Though the story is still developing, there are a few big, interconnected lessons to be drawn from what we know so far…READ ON


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