Workplace collaboration; getting started

“Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.” Arthur Ashe Research suggests that collaboration is good for business on many levels.  Consider these findings by Deloitte: companies that prioritise collaboration are: Five times more likely to experience a considerable increase in employment Twice […]


When we consider collaboration, productivity matters a lot.  Whichever way we look at it there is no escaping the fact that poor, albeit well meaning, collaboration can be costly.  This issue can be tackled but it does take one specific bent; understanding that collaboration is about smart strategy […]


Business collaboration started off as a necessity for some industries.  It slowly become a clever competitive strategy, then a norm.  Businesses that get collaboration also get the fact that collaboration is not a real choice; sloppy collaboration is a cost no business can sustain.  Some are learning this […]

When your boss doesn’t want you to collaborate?

Earlier this year researchers at Berkley published a paper titled “Failure at the Top: How Power Undermines Collaborative Performance” which concluded that when asked to collaborate “groups of high power individuals performed worse because they fought over their relative status in the group, were less focused on the […]


It is always exciting when a new book about collaboration is released. It is simply a good sign. More research, more thinking, more reflecting on growing this strategic discipline is welcome news, not just for those who focus on collaboration but also those who want to innovate their […]