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Collaboration in C major

In the world of music, C major is synonymous with simplicity and it is commonly considered that C major is the best key for beginners. No matter how much we discuss collaboration, it always raises questions that are really basic. This week ROADMENDER’S focus will be on a […]


This is a mini special dedicated to all the entrepreneurial souls who value collaboration. The ongoing fragmentation of the workplace as a mixture of practices is further brought into the spotlight by mounting evidence pointing to the fact that employee engagement is undeniably low, and the cost of […]

What Works For Me

Over the years I have learnt that some things really make a difference to collaboration outcomes. A really big difference I should say. Collaboration with colleagues internally or people from other businesses (cross business collaboration) is always dependent on the people factor more than technology or process. Good […]


I am fond of telling people I work with “before you get to the creative part, get the boring bits right”. In my view, this applies equally to collaboration. It’s tempting to jump into the fun part of ‘working together’ where we bounce ideas, debate issues, analyse etc. […]

Good News Everyone

Good things can get even better, despite what our cultural norms sometimes tell us. Not meaning to sound flippant when implying that even when things are challenging they are good as they give rise to opportunity, but there’s something in it. What is meant by ‘good news everyone’ […]