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Why Roadmender?

Roadmender is an initiative borne out of years of conversations and discussions with many people who, like myself, have a strong belief that access to good ideas, knowledge and resources can be better organised in one place.
This is a space dedicated to people who are passionate about collaboration. Roadmender is a marketplace where likeminded people can learn from each other, discuss new partnerships and engage to build momentum for innovative growth of CSR partnerships and cross sector innovative collaborations.

I believe that collaboration is at the heart of innovation and competitive advantage of any enterprise.

I am convinced that by the end of this decade we will see a rise of collaboration as a new discipline and profession.  Just like it makes sense to employ a HR manager so too it will make sense to employ a collaboration specialist.

This initiative aims to combine elements of quality discussion, collaboration, learning, informal networking and, above all, innovation.

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  1. and finally, it’s out there… Congratulations on your great idea and going live to share your thoughts with the world.

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