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Good News Everyone

Good things can get even better, despite what our cultural norms sometimes tell us. Not meaning to sound flippant when implying that even when things are challenging they are good as they give rise to opportunity, but there’s something in it. What is meant by ‘good news everyone’ […]


Some people simply won’t collaborate. Not really that surprising except when you find there are senior managers in the mix. I suppose, because collaboration is a disruptive process since it is creative and innovative, and as long term researcher into creativity Prof Barry M. Staw points out, most […]


How good is this? Australians are falling in love! With collaboration that is. I hope it’s not an ‘on the rebound’ thing. According to most indicators the love is real. Australians are joining the global trend which has been long time coming. A summary of findings from a […]


The retail sector is one of the most ferociously aggressive areas of economy. And the fashion industry is right up there with the most competitive. It comes as no surprise then that the fashion sector very strongly embraces collaboration. Take a look at the advice published by Fashionista […]


Strategists of all persuasion are well aware of the growing importance of creativity in the solution design process. It’s not only analytical skills that can define competitive strategy. With that in mind, it is useful to reflect on what has become a well-established fact about collaboration: it is […]

So you have an idea

Every collaboration starts as an idea. Simples, as the beloved meerkat says (apologies to readers beyond Australia, but this is an Australian reference to a popular ad for an insurance company). Those who have come up with ideas in the past know that excitement for the originator of […]


Only a few days to go before we farewell 2014. As much as it is good to reflect on great things and accomplishments on which 2015 can be built, there is always that feeling that a just a bit more could have been achieved in the year past. […]

Soft nepotism is not collaboration

The simplest image that comes to mind when we mention collaboration is ‘working together’. Yet, despite the logic of the literal translation of the word, the real meaning is somewhat richer. I think the focus should be on the desired end result: making our enterprises more relevant; more […]

Everything is awesome. Kind of.

Over the past two weeks, since LEGO announced its intention to not renew its current partnership contract/arrangement with Shell, there has been a lot of discussion about the outcome. The long standing collaboration ended as a result of a very clever social media campaign by Greenpeace which claims […]


Collaboration as a strategy delivers different results in different settings. In some industries and disciplines it is almost indispensable, while in others it can still be a tough nut to crack. One of the emerging areas, which in my view will become one of the most dominant in […]


  No doubt the biggest collaboration news this week was the ending of one of the longest corporate collaborations between LEGO and Shell. I for one am not too surprised given the range of factors involved. It seems the sentiment of the collaboration has not kept up with […]

Convincing collaboration

In his opening chapter of An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals, David Hume points out that one cannot win an argument against someone who defends an opinion in which they do not believe. In other words, if a person engages in a discussion for any reason other […]


No limit. That’s how I could describe the potential of collaboration today. I think the following selection of recommended reading attests to that. While I won’t play favourites, because it truly is great to see the diverse range of views and insights on collaboration as well examples of […]