This week’s selection of interesting articles focuses on a diverse range of topics, all linking in individually to collaboration. Leadership, collaboration, corporate skilled volunteering, essential networking skills and even bullshit are topics of this week’s round up.

Are Connections Overshadowing Collaboration?, asks Jon Mertz from Thin Difference. Jon’s article is very timely as he ignites interesting conversation worth joining. As he explores in the article below, We connect but do we collaborate?

Our capacity for bullshit is diminishing, and so it seems does the message in this video from designer Brad Frost. I think the issue of bullshit in everyday life and work is deserving of some space and discussion, given that the topic has been explored by scholars such as Harry G Frankfurt, a renowned moral philosopher from Princeton University.

According to a recent report, skills based volunteering is on the rise in some parts of the USA, despite economic woes. This report is specific to a region (state) but it is consistent with a number of similar accounts indicating this may, in fact, be a larger trend. This is encouraging because of the good work globally in promoting volunteering as a genuine opportunity for corporate and not for profit collaboration.

30 Outdated Leadership Practices Holding Your Company Back is an article leaders should not ignore. Mike Myatt provides a thought provoking comparison between old and new leadership paradigms. Leadership may have suffered a small crisis over the past few years, where it almost became a meaningless, oft repeated, ‘must use’ term. However, there’s no doubt that nothing can work well, least of all successful cross sector partnerships, without an excellent grasp of leadership.

Four Body Language Skills You Need When Networking, according to Ivan Misner are worth repeating. While I do not belong to the ‘give out tips’ brigade, I do value the importance of bite-sized morsels of wisdom, which every professional in the area of collaboration may need from time to time. In one of my earlier posts, I made some points that complement this article.

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  1. Great blog Jelenko! The bullshit video really got me thinking about the concept of respect for people’s time in this world of information overload. A thought I will take to work tomorrow before I slash the word count again on the annual report!
    thanks for curating the bullshit for me!

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