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There was a time in business history when collaboration was only for the brave. It was also for business connoisseurs; those prepared to try things others could not even imagine. Today, collaboration is mainstream, notwithstanding the fact that we still have a long way to go in reaching […]

Thinking Work: When Collaboration Makes Sense

Most people have heard about collaboration. In fact, the majority of senior business leaders, executives and managers probably bombard their employees with messages extolling the virtues of collaboration. And therein lies a slight problem, as with all change management that comes from authority. Making things slightly more complicated […]


There is no doubt that collaboration is a buzzword. Unfortunately though, for some that is all there is to it. But on the flip side, many more will make the best of it. Collaboration as a discipline is still in an early phase of development and is finding […]

A Guy Walks Into a Bar..

Collaboration is not joke, but it doesn’t take too much to turn it into one. If it does become a joke, it is unavoidably because we, the people, never got it in the first place. For every collaboration that went well I can find ones that could have […]


Fashion is fun. Great fun for many. But above all it is one of the most competitive industries. It is also one of the industries that thrives on collaboration. In fact, given endless fast paced trend changes and the fickle nature of consumer interests, it would be almost […]


Theoretically, the longest chess game possible involves 5,949 moves. That implies a lot of combinations. But I wonder how many combinations are possible in business collaboration. In my experience I think collaboration would give chess a run for its money. We should not be surprised at that possibility […]

Enterprising Collaboratives: an alternative way to get major projects off the ground

Enterprising Collaboratives (EC) are one of the models of collaboration created by ROADMENDER. This particular model emerged after years of mixed activities: designing collaborations; facilitating workshops; analysing collaborations, old and new; researching and testing new concepts; innovating; and discussing with like-minded professionals as well those who were new […]


So many things impact on collaboration. It is not always an easy task to keep everything under control but it is critical nevertheless. This week’s selection of recommended reading is a reflection on the diversity of some of the angles from which collaboration can be considered during both […]


A noted researcher in the field of human creativity, Prof Barry M Staw, once wrote a paper arguing that the majority of people are not actually prepared to do what is needed in order to be prepared. Despite what seems like a universal desire among people to be […]

Collaboration in C major

In the world of music, C major is synonymous with simplicity and it is commonly considered that C major is the best key for beginners. No matter how much we discuss collaboration, it always raises questions that are really basic. This week ROADMENDER’S focus will be on a […]


This is a mini special dedicated to all the entrepreneurial souls who value collaboration. The ongoing fragmentation of the workplace as a mixture of practices is further brought into the spotlight by mounting evidence pointing to the fact that employee engagement is undeniably low, and the cost of […]

What Works For Me

Over the years I have learnt that some things really make a difference to collaboration outcomes. A really big difference I should say. Collaboration with colleagues internally or people from other businesses (cross business collaboration) is always dependent on the people factor more than technology or process. Good […]


I am fond of telling people I work with “before you get to the creative part, get the boring bits right”. In my view, this applies equally to collaboration. It’s tempting to jump into the fun part of ‘working together’ where we bounce ideas, debate issues, analyse etc. […]