Theoretically, the longest chess game possible involves 5,949 moves. That implies a lot of combinations. But I wonder how many combinations are possible in business collaboration. In my experience I think collaboration would give chess a run for its money. We should not be surprised at that possibility for a few simple reasons. Collaboration is possible with a lot of partners. It is also possible to work on virtually any problem. And most excitingly, it is different from chess because collaboration is about making everyone a winner. This week’s selection of recommended reading by ROADMENDER is diverse; with plenty to inspire creative collaborations.

Sincere thanks to those who have suggested articles for this edition of Roadmender Recommends.


Business Must Lead Collaboration to Meet the G7’s Fossil Fuel Ambitions

This week, the G7 leaders convened in a Bavarian castle and announced a landmark commitment to phase out fossil fuels by 2100. This is a hugely important step on the road to, as Angela Merkel put it, ‘decarbonizing the global economy in the course of this century’. I applaud big, broad commitments like this one. But actually delivering on it will require more than economic policy or government programs. Business can and must step up to the challenge. Just imagine if every large global business, and in time every business, committed to “decarbonize” their operations–wouldn’t that make a massive impact?…READ ON


The 3 Secrets to Developing a Collaborative (and Productive) Team

What does it really mean to be collaborative? IMAGE: Getty Images

What does it really mean to be collaborative?
IMAGE: Getty Images

Collaboration is defined as “the action of working with someone to produce or create something.” The concept has grown in importance as technology allows us to work with people on projects across the globe. In fact, even the use of the word has been on the rise since the early 2000s, but what does it really mean to be collaborative? And how can working collaboratively increase your productivity at work? Most people agree that collaboration will increase productivity generally, but they are unsure how to use this tool effectively…READ ON


A Collaboration Between Science and Religion

These are times when destructive emotions like anger, fear and hatred are giving rise to devastating problems throughout the world. While the daily news offers grim reminders of the destructive power of such emotions, the question we must ask is, what can we do to overcome them? Of course such disturbing emotions have always been part of the human condition – humanity has been grappling with them for thousands of years. But I believe we have a valuable opportunity to make progress in dealing with them, through a collaboration between religion and science…READ ON


Advice from Strangers: A Path to Collaboration

A rising tide lifts all boats, some say. There is general consensus in both the contemporary classical music scene and in tech that collaboration is a positive thing, that it is natural and beneficial, and that the possibilities for collaboration are endless. Yet alongside that enthusiasm is a strong expression of “I can’t collaborate.” We face internal challenges (mostly in music): “It can be difficult to let go of something you really want to do yourself.” “I’m a control freak. That makes collaboration difficult.” “I have yet to find a collaborator whose artistic sensibilities align with mine as closely as I’d like.” “My arts community is isolated and competitive, instead of open and collaborative.”…READ ON


Infrastructure Australia wants a federation of collaboration

“We have a great environment for collaboration — to actually work closely with state and territory agencies, treasuries, premiers and cabinet.” - Philip Davies, CEO

“We have a great environment for collaboration — to actually work closely with state and territory agencies, treasuries, premiers and cabinet.” – Philip Davies, CEO

Infrastructure Australia’s new CEO Philip Davies is looking at the big picture and hoping to work closely with governments around the nation, as he leads the statutory body’s efforts to lay the groundwork for the next 15 years. A legislative amendment last year gave IA a truly independent board, which appointed Davies in March. He started in April and the next month the organisation’s first major piece of work since the changes, the Australian Infrastructure Audit, was released…READ ON


Crowdsourcing transformation, collaboration to-dos, and more CIO news

CIOs are increasingly being asked what they are doing to drive digital transformation. But IT can’t do it alone. And, as Dion Hinchcliffe reports, entire networks of change agents within the business are needed to truly make a different. He calls this “crowdsourcing transformation.” Here Dion provides a roadmap for digital transformation that puts the responsibility on the shoulders of everyone, from the Board of Directors to all members of the C-Suite…READ ON


Sweden and India plan collaboration on fighters and submarines

saab_gripen4_480Swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvis has offered to collaborate with India on production of light combat aircraft in the country along with state-of-the-art submarines as part of the ‘Make-in-India’ initiative, the Economic Times said. “During the meeting, both sides discussed issues of mutual interests concerning bilateral defence cooperation and regional security scenario,” a statement by the Defence Ministry said. “The issue of participation of Swedish firms in defence manufacturing in India under the ‘Make-in-India’ initiative was also discussed by both sides,” the statement added. Swedish company Saab had offered JAS39 Gripen-E light fighter to India when the…READ ON


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