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Enterprising Collaboratives: an alternative way to get major projects off the ground

Enterprising Collaboratives (EC) are one of the models of collaboration created by ROADMENDER. This particular model emerged after years of mixed activities: designing collaborations; facilitating workshops; analysing collaborations, old and new; researching and testing new concepts; innovating; and discussing with like-minded professionals as well those who were new […]


So many things impact on collaboration. It is not always an easy task to keep everything under control but it is critical nevertheless. This week’s selection of recommended reading is a reflection on the diversity of some of the angles from which collaboration can be considered during both […]


Making collaboration easier by using superbly designed technologies is important. But that alone does not constitute a strategy, and without a plan there is no collaboration. Even with all the will in the world, collaboration is not going to work unless the strategy is well thought out and, […]


The workplace is constantly evolving. Some changes are an adaptation to disruptions, others are the evolutionary results of a combination of factors. Collaboration has emerged as a strong contender as a practice that can significantly reduce the stress of adaptation, enhance innovation and make any enterprise more competitive. […]


A noted researcher in the field of human creativity, Prof Barry M Staw, once wrote a paper arguing that the majority of people are not actually prepared to do what is needed in order to be prepared. Despite what seems like a universal desire among people to be […]

Collaboration in C major

In the world of music, C major is synonymous with simplicity and it is commonly considered that C major is the best key for beginners. No matter how much we discuss collaboration, it always raises questions that are really basic. This week ROADMENDER’S focus will be on a […]

What Works For Me

Over the years I have learnt that some things really make a difference to collaboration outcomes. A really big difference I should say. Collaboration with colleagues internally or people from other businesses (cross business collaboration) is always dependent on the people factor more than technology or process. Good […]