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Jelenko Dragisic


Collaboration as a strategic approach to creating value is winning.  People are increasingly relying on a collaborative way of working; be it within a business or between businesses across industries.  This doesn’t mean that the work of promoting the practice and approach to collaboration should stop though.  As […]


Edwin Land, the famous inventor and personal idol of the late Steve Jobs, remarked that ‘politeness is the poison of collaboration’.  That is another way of saying that when people collaborate by ‘going along to get along’ they end up missing the whole point of collaboration.  That’s not […]


One can never have too much of a good thing. And knowing a good thing when you see it is a good thing in itself.  Collaboration with a strategic purpose is a good thing for the willing and those paying attention to the simple fact that businesses are […]


There is never a dull moment in an office when collaboration’s around.  We are constantly hearing good news about it; from growth in the collaboration software market as one indicator of the need for better collaboration, to findings which indicate that collaboration really is making business more competitive.  […]

Collaboration: ‘over the counter’ style

There is no shortage of people who say they want to collaborate.   Nor is there any shortage of people professing they know how to do it well.  The slight problem is that a lot of collaboration talk is ‘over the counter’ grade quality. Collaboration is a genuine business […]

Convincing your boss to collaborate

A couple of  years ago researchers at Berkley published a paper titled “Failure at the Top: How Power Undermines Collaborative Performance” which concluded that when asked to collaborate “groups of high power individuals performed worse because they fought over their relative status in the group, were less focused […]