One can never have too much of a good thing. And knowing a good thing when you see it is a good thing in itself.  Collaboration with a strategic purpose is a good thing for the willing and those paying attention to the simple fact that businesses are increasingly seeking innovative ways to create sustainable and competitive value.  2018 will not be any different.  We are going to see further intensification of collaboration as a business super driver and innovation enabler.  In that spirit, and to start the new year, here is a selection of recommended reading inspired to boost business collaboration on a strategic level.


How A ‘Team Territory’ Approach Can Increase Collaboration And Sales


Our team members, understanding that their success was dependent on their teammates, began to find ways to collaborate and help each other out more often, and conflicts decreased.

Not too long ago, I was thinking about how to increase our customer satisfaction and profit margin in one of my core businesses. A couple of months passed and I had several conversations with my sales team about what we could do to get more traction so we could continue to grow. There were a lot of ideas discussed along the way that encompassed everything from vision to tactical direct response strategies.

And then I started to look at our sales team and their relationships with our clients. One of the most important elements I attribute to business success is a deep and meaningful relationship with the customer, and a critical aspect of achieving this goal is being responsive.

It then occurred to me that my team and I should consider a team sales approach. Ensuring the success of each team member was dependent on the success of at least one other member of the team could motivate employees who don’t want to let their colleague down and…READ ON


What workplace productivity and collaboration will look like in 2018

Enterprise technology plays a pivotal role in determining the success of modern business. Tools such as chat apps, messenger integrations and cloud services have helped us become more organized, improved our collaboration processes and ultimately led to a more productive workforce. But what innovations are on the horizon for next year that will change the way we work?

Here are four of the biggest workplace collaboration and productivity trends to watch out for in 2018:…READ ON


Make Your Collaboration Investment Count

Today’s workplaces don’t exist in one place. People are spread out. But collaboration tools are helping teams catch up from afar. Allowing you meet face-to-face across time zones as easily as across the office. Or give presentations with all the bells and whistles, without the hassle and cost of travel. ✈️💸❌ In other words, you can work with the way the world works…READ ON


Deeper Collaboration Is the Answer to Higher Ed’s Challenges

We’re closer to the next recession than we are the last, a higher ed official recently reminded me. Indeed, while colleges and universities continue to struggle financially, the dark days of 2008 seem like a distant memory for most of them.

But the prospects for 2018 are not looking so great. This month, the credit-rating agency Moody’s Investors Service changed its outlook for higher ed from “stable” to “negative.” In a report, the agency cited constrained revenue growth in tuition and uncertainty in federal policy. The tax bill that is making its way through Congress leaves higher ed “highly exposed,” Moody’s said…READ ON


Why Collaboration Is Essential For Successful IoT Implementation

Like other aspects of digital transformation, successfully implementing an IoT strategy at the enterprise level requires tight coordination and collaboration from many different internal and external parties. Most organizations understand that collaboration with capable and proven partners is necessary for IoT program planning and deployment, but a successful program can also provide insight and knowledge that can be integrated back into the enterprise to help improve many facets of the operation. In this regard, IoT project implementation can be a scenario where everyone wins…READ ON


collaboration, the key to thriving communities

Scrutiny over business’ ability to meet community expectations has never been greater. As industry grapples with its changing role in the community, particularly with regard to social and environmental issues, leaders are reflecting on the purpose and culture of their organisations.

At a recent ANZ Corporate Sustainability event, business and community leaders including ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott, Monash Sustainable Development Institute chair Professor John Thwaites, Australian Council of Superannuation Investors CEO Louise Davidson, Brotherhood of St Laurence Executive Director Tony Nicholson and Latrobe Valley Bus Lines Founder and Managing  Director Rhonda Renwick sat down to discuss the issue…READ ON