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The growing need for collaboration is expanding the attitude of smart businesses which recognise one simple fact: collaboration is a strategy that can be crafted to work well.  Good business solves problems.  Complex problems call for collaboration, which invariably adds value to sustainable business.  Undertaking collaboration successfully requires constant learning; which is why this edition of selected reading on collaboration across fields contains some very insightful gems.

5 mobile collaboration apps top developers can’t live without


It’s no secret that mobile apps are taking over the planet. According to a recent report from comScore, time spent on mobile apps accounts for seven out of every eight minutes of media consumption on mobile devices.

But we’re not just using mobile apps to read articles on BuzzFeed.  We’re also using mobile apps at work. Today’s top developers are no exception. In fact, they’re mobile app power users. They know what they like, are dedicated to finding the right solutions for their teams, and are comfortable critiquing mobile apps of all shapes and sizes ¦READ ON


Fintech and the rise of collaboration rather than competition

Disruptive technology – or fintech – has been garnering tremendous interest in the financial services sphere. The potential impact of fintech on conventional business models can be huge, at least in theory.  Fintech was included in Investopedia’s Top 10 Terms of 2015 and the industry is expected to be worth around $20 billion by 2017, according to a recent Statista report. Meanwhile, the Financial Times has quoted an Accenture report that shows the number of global fintech financing deals jumping up from around 400 a year in 2010 to around 1,100 by 2015.

2017 sees fintech innovation continue its march forward. The Financial Times has called it one of the leading forces shaping the banking industry, noting the power of ¦READ ON


Stretch Collaboration: Partnering with unlikely allies to address complex challenges

Collaboration is increasingly difficult and increasingly necessary. Leaders across sectors often need to reach out to new allies and partners to address our complex challenges.  But how can we learn to collaborate effectively with people who think differently from us, when we do not see common ground, and when trust is low?

This course will equip you with new understanding of the capacities you need to engage in “stretch collaboration”: an unconventional approach to collaboration that enables you to work more effectively ¦READ ON


The Three Cs“ Corporate and Community Collaboration

The partnership between NRPA and Keurig Green Mountain (Keurig) is known as one of the success stories on the Suffolk waterways. The partnership began in 2012 when Keurig provided grant funding for the NRPA Nansemond Watershed Initiative (NWI): Connecting the Classroom with the Environment, a program for seventh grade students. Over a two-year period, 2,000 students participated in NWI indoor and outdoor hands-on classroom experiences. In 2015, Keurig and NRPA collaborated on a community-based project that emphasized the importance of conservation, and how it protects the waterways¦READ ON


Transforming water-scarce cities through collaboration

Cities house a growing number of the world’s population, and current estimates show that the future of humanity looks ever more urban.

The World Bank’s Water Scarce Cities (WSC) Initiative offers a holistic perspective to urban water security. The initiative is working towards shifting mindsets across the world, demystifying urban water management, and engaging with water scarce cities to develop concrete solutions¦READ ON


Acquiring cybersecurity insurance: Why collaboration is key

Cybersecurity insurance is becoming necessary for many businesses — much in the same way other types of critical business insurance provide a sense of comfort and protection, such as flood insurance for organizations in particularly severe weather-prone areas with flood plains. And when it rains, it pours.  Business flood insurance comes in to mitigate reputational ¦READ ON