Collaboration is good business”. So asserts Forbes’ contributor Erica Dhawan in “The Secret Weapon For Collaboration”; an article that is included this edition of recommended reading. That simple message is worth repeating as we know that collaboration thrives when the right culture is in place. And, as with every enterprise, the right culture is based on strategic thinking. For some, collaboration is still a puzzle. But remember, all puzzles have solutions and solving puzzles can be fun.

Thanks to those who have suggested articles for this edition of Roadmender Recommends.


Collaboration: How universities and industry can work better together

There has been much bad press about the capacity of universities to work with industry. The reality isn’t that simple – almost all of Australia’s universities have pockets where researchers and industry work effectively side by side, creating knowledge that is framed in the context of the industry’s needs, then pulled through to have societal or economic impact. But all universities have significant swathes of research activity with no clear pathway or partners who will facilitate the translation of knowledge into impact…READ ON


Collaboration is key for Western Sydney Uni’s new Chancellery courtesy of AJ+C

Following on from last year’s library and administrative service building design, Western Sydney University (WSU) again called upon the services of Allen Jack+Cotier, this time for the fitout of the school’s Chancellery. The new fitout achieves a balance between being a high-end space that reflects the Chancellery’s pivotal role within the university, and its growing presence in the international community, whilst providing accessibility in the form of a collaborative work environment…READ ON


The Secret Weapon For Collaboration

Disney and Pixar’s successful franchise Toy Story wasn’t an inevitable success. In fact, it had precarious beginnings. Woody, the main character, originally resembled a “hard-drinking cousin of Richard Nixon.” Although Disney had requested characters with “edge,” they knew to trust Pixar’s collaborative approach to make the ideas better. Despite working under extreme deadlines, Pixar didn’t let the threat of failure lead to disaster…READ ON


Collaboration aims to resolve senior transportation challenges

Toyota Motor Corp. has started a three-year collaboration with Nagoya University, providing ¥360 million through its Toyota Mobility Foundation to facilitate transport for elderly residents. A trial run was started in the Asuke district of the city of Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, this month to provide elderly citizens with a way to do grocery shopping and make medical visits by car-sharing or renting small electric vehicles…READ ON


What Will Collaboration Look Like in 2016?


In recent times, we’ve seen some incredible collaboration innovations come to life and the nature of work rapidly change.What has been very clear is that significant advancements in ‘anywhere, anytime’ collaboration, and the evolution of workplaces and workspaces are being seen globally. Today’s customers not only have greater freedom and flexibility of choice for their collaboration needs, but open environments have replaced traditional meeting rooms with hot desks and shared spaces. With that, traditional room-based conferencing technology is progressing…READ ON


NFP Panel Sets its Sights on Collaboration

A collaborative panel made up of eight Not for Profit peak bodies and supported by philanthropic funding is spearheading projects aimed at building capacity in the aging, disability and mental health sectors. The Ageing, Disability and Mental Health Collaborative Panel was established through a funding initiation by State Trustees Australia Foundation and additional support from the Lord Mayors Foundation…READ ON


New Study Uncovers Benefits of Collaboration Technology to Improve Supply Chain Efficiencies

New research released today from the University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Institute, in collaboration with leading B2B integration provider DiCentral, discovered the supply chain trends, issues and challenges expected in 2016 and beyond. The survey of over 200 organizations from a wide range of industries asked respondents to weigh in on such issues as inventory visibility, supply chain costs, new ERP integration, responsiveness to customer demands, and more…READ ON


Shell Australia chairman Smith urges LNG industry to drop ego and collaborate

Shell Australia chairman Andrew Smith is set to call on LNG industry leaders to drop their egos and get serious about collaboration to reduce costs, deliver better returns and improve competitiveness. “We must put collaboration ahead of our industry’s natural desire to immortalise our own activities in concrete and steel,” Mr Smith will tell the LNG18 conference in Perth on Friday…READ ON

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