Can a business be serious and ignore collaboration?  That is a question I have in mind often when dealing with virtually any enterprise, regardless of circumstances.  It is not so much about a right or wrong answer, as much as it is about the way it is answered that I pay attention to.  In fact, I never actually ask the question but rather try to glean the answer from a broader conversation.  It is rare for a business to speak openly against collaboration.  It is, however, common to hear businesses speak about collaboration in positive terms but with little evidence to support and demonstrate their true commitment to it – things that speak of culture of collaboration. 

What I have learnt over the years is that enterprises that use collaboration as part of their business strategy don’t actually talk a lot about it.  Instead, they describe their actions, behaviours and beliefs in such a way that you can easily pick it. 

How Neuroscience based concepts create high performing teams?

“Connection is key to human existence,” according to Dr. Michael Platt’s study which indicates humans are evolutionarily hard-wired and are meant to work together. Tapping into this biological wired connection is essential to enable teams to succeed when working towards a shared goal.

The global nature of today’s businesses are associated with continually changing competitive forces, and disruptive technology trends, and complex operating environments, which are pushing organizations to develop strategies and tactics, and execute them flawlessly through their teams. Traditional differentiators such as price, cost and scale are increasingly becoming basic factors of any business; it is the emergence of successful team collaborations with a view to increase performance that is creating a sustainable competitive advantage…READ ON

4 Powerful Ways To Improve Creative Collaboration When Working Remotely

The pandemic changed the way we work almost overnight. Offices went dark as employees switched to remote work, and teams had to find new ways to collaborate.

Research shows that telecommuting can make us more productive when faced with creative tasks, but being stuck at home indefinitely can leave us feeling uninspired. Working as a team on creative projects is even more difficult. According to a recent report, collaboration is one of remote employees’ top challenges.

Brainstorming via Slack and Zoom just isn’t the same as bouncing ideas around in the office. But just because you’re working remotely doesn’t mean creative collaboration has to suffer. You just need some fresh ideas for working together while apart…READ ON

21 Collaboration Statistics that Show the Power of Teamwork

Every day your company is fighting a different battle, trying to survive, beat the competition, and achieve goals efficiently. However, the challenge becomes that much easier when you have people around you to share the load within the workplace.

When brilliant minds, with big ambitions, work towards a common goal, amazing things happen. Employees are able to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and eventually become unstoppable. This is why collaboration and teamwork play a crucial role in the success of any business…READ ON

‘The Alignment Factor’: Collaboration Is the Backbone of Alignment

Everyone has an opinion, and we all have our own agendas. But how do you get people with strong opinions and their own agendas to work together for the benefit of the organization? Think of the mode of operation prevalent in many work environments. Think of all the efforts people make to influence others to follow their lead and even manipulate others to achieve their goals. This is exactly the orientation and behaviour that causes misalignment. Collaboration is essential; in fact, it is the backbone of alignment.

If we agree that collaboration is good, is it possible to systematize it? Our answer is: Yes! We believe that what prevents people from collaboration is the systemic bias towards individual advancement and the absence of relevant information necessary…READ ON

Collaboration is key for equitable access

The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted the most remarkable ambitious and collaborative response from across the world in human history. New and formidable partnerships have been forged across the healthcare sector to hasten the discovery, manufacturing, and delivery of cutting-edge innovations. In the pharmaceutical industry, scientists continue to work around the clock to develop and test new vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics and innovation is unfolding at unprecedented levels producing what previously would have taken decades in a fraction of the time…READ ON

Culture of Collaboration

One Saturday morning in September, Wilson College of Textiles Dean David Hinks received an unusual phone call. The voice on the other end of the line belonged to NC State Athletics Director Boo Corrigan, who said, as Hinks recalls, “I have an opportunity for you.”

Their conversation set into motion a unique collaborative project in support of social justice that ended up being showcased on national television.

“Wolfpack student-athletes — led by football team captain and linebacker Isaiah Moore — took the lead in designing a patch for their uniforms with the ‘Pack United’ message and its three pillars of education, action and awareness,” Hinks says. “Boo asked if we could assist with the final patch design, production and sewing under a tight deadline.”…READ ON