Over the past year, ROADMENDER has assembled over 300 articles on collaboration from a variety of sources adding to an increasingly large aggregate library. 2015 is considered by many to be the year when collaboration became mainstream, or cool as one of the articles in this week’s selection suggests. This is the last collection for 2015. Enjoy!

Sincere thanks to those who have suggested articles for this edition of Roadmender Recommends.


Trends to watch in 2016: cloud content management and collaboration

collaboration_puzzle_piece_image-100565115-primary_idgeWe are at one of the most exciting moments in history when it comes to innovation in IT driving innovation in business. Cloud computing, mobile and digital technologies are transforming the way we work. Increasing worker productivity is top of mind for CEOs and many forward-thinking leaders are looking to technology to drive future competitive advantage. IDC’s Worldwide Content Collaboration Forecast 2015-2019 estimates that the cloud content and collaboration market is expected to experience a strong compound annual growth rate of 23.1 per cent through 2019 while the on-premises growth is flat at 0.9 per cent. The responsibility of driving…READ ON


Employer collaboration, the key to unlocking business potential?

In business competing is the name of the game, but a new UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) report highlights why effective cooperation rather than competition can improve companies’ productivity…READ ON


How Slack and Hipchat made collaboration cool in 2015

Here’s something you probably didn’t think you’d see in 2015: Collaboration software became cool. Confounded by labyrinthine email threads, employees turned to messaging platforms such as Slack and Atlassian’s Hipchat to conduct online conversations and share content with colleagues, partners and clients. “These tools allows persistent group chat, which is really important to corporate teams,” says Adam Preset, a Gartner analyst who researches cloud collaboration tools. They provide the “one place you go and look for what’s happening, which is very different from email where if you miss one person in a CC that person is out of the loop.”…READ ON


Collaboration Now

“Collaboration” is the catch word that is bandied about when describing the show business industry. We thrive on lunches, conference calls and writers’ rooms. You would think with all of these partnerships this would be the happiest place on earth, a community of calm where executives and creatives share suggestions throughout their eight-hour workday. The reality is that the glamour of Hollywood often falls within the sixty plus hour workweek. As for calm, let’s just say we thrive in an excitable industry. The concept of collaboration is nothing new. The act of war is a collaboration as is the art of peace. At its core, collaboration is when a group of people come together to achieve a common goal. Think NASA or the World Series Champion Kansas City Royals, both have mastered the art of collaboration to achieve great feats in their own specific fields…READ ON


The Art of Collaboration

the-art-of-collaboration-10-essential-skills-for-successful-music-entrepreneursCollaboration is at the heart of innovation in the artistic world. This is not a new concept: think Serge Diaghilev, the impresario of the Ballets Russes who brought composers, painters, playwrights, choreographers and dancers, in works like Parade, a collaboration among composer Erik Satie, playwright Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso as the set designer and choreographer Leonide Massine. At its best, collaboration unites the creative voices of multiple equal partners who share a common vision and mission to create something that is bigger…READ ON


5 Web Tools to Help You Stop Emailing, Start Collaborating

Collaboration applies to an array of different business processes including editing and sharing documents, multimedia conferencing, real-time chat, or workflow management, but they all fall under the banner of unified communications and collaboration (UCC). Affordable cloud infrastructure makes it easier than ever for businesses to integrate the services that teams and employees use to work together. But the greater driver behind the UCC trend is the innovative collaboration technologies that are redefining how we work…READ ON


When Employers Demand More Collaboration, Women Are Saddled With The Extra Work

That’s a lot of time-sucking meetings and emails. No man—or woman—is an island at the office. Indeed, new research from a trio of management experts finds that over the past 20 years, the amount of time employees are spending on collaborative tasks has surged by roughly 50%. And who is shouldering the bulk of that…READ ON


Conflict and Collaboration

Their accents point to different countries but the two theatre groups talk in a common language of resistance. The Freedom Theatre (TFT) from West Bank, Palestine, and Delhi’s Jan Natya Manch (Janam) bring their understanding of strife, struggle and the power of the people to their first collaborative play, titled Hamesha Sameeda (Forever Steadfast), which opened in Lucknow last week and will tour India till January 25…READ ON


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