No matter how good something is there will always be plenty of sceptics. That in itself is a PhD opportunity. But, staying on point, I want to share my excitement about the increasing proliferation of new tools and technologies that focus on collaboration. In fact, I think it is safe to say that there is a surge in the market in terms of offers. That must mean that demand is present, which in turn spells out one thing clearly: people get the idea that collaboration is becoming unavoidable in a competitive world. It’s fair to say that with this there could be all kinds of things on offer and not all are suitable for every need, but overall it is good to know that an increased focus on collaboration as a way of making business more innovative, competitive and productive is reaching new levels. The selection for this week is a to some extent a reflection on the diversity of approaches in business that are linked one way or another to the practice of collaboration.

Sincere thanks to those who have suggested articles for this edition of Roadmender Recommends.


Get collaboration and organization in one powerful mobile app

Like many of you, I’m incredibly busy. With multiple, simultaneous projects going on — some solo and some collaborations — it’s very easy to get lost in the mire of tasks and due dates. Keeping this under control on your mobile device is really hit and miss… unless you have Trello on your side. Trello is a very unique tool that claims to help you “organize anything.” That claim is dead on. Trello allows you to manage your tasks, to-do lists, events, etc. with a card-like system that’s incredibly powerful and easy to use. You can add details to each card, such as:..READ ON


A new beginning for collaboration

rocketOpen-technology models have forever changed the way tech and data applications are utilised. At Inmarsat, we are starting to see the same innovation. The 2015 Inmarsat Developer Conference (IDC) has enabled us to set the scene and lay out both our new approach to collaborative technology development and the exciting opportunities for us all in the years ahead…READ ON


How digital collaboration will evolve in 2015

ranking collaborationInformation technology typically changes in leaps and bounds, and for collaboration in digital channels, those changes have been rather turbulent over the last decade. While the most significant overall trend during this time has been the strategic up-leveling of corporate engagement using the social business model to foster large-scale, high impact corporate communities, the pendulum of innovation has recently swung back to more intimate and close quarters…READ ON


Zappos tries out surge pay for call center workers

Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh

Zappos.com, the online shoe and clothing retailer owned by Amazon.com, is bringing the concept of Uber’s surge pricing to customer service. Sounds a bit usual, and it is, but Fortune has a great behind the scenes report on how the retailer is trying to change the way it pays employees…READ ON


BBC launches ‘Taster’ for experimentation and collaboration

TasterThe BBC has today launched a new platform designed to be a space for experimental ideas including interactive stories and short-form content. BBC Taster is designed to “challenge the storyteller to tell the story in a different way, to tell the story in a way that takes advantage of what technology makes available,” said Ralph Rivera, director, BBC Future Media, addressing an audience at BBC New Broadcasting House. “I believe that’s the challenge for all media companies going forward, that’s the challenge that we’re taking on, and we’re going to be doing that in the open, engaging with the public to let us know how we’re doing in terms of taking that challenge up,” he said. Taster will explore innovative ideas from departments across the BBC, including online, radio and TV, with an emphasis on collaboration…READ ON


Atlassian Launches HipChat Server, Doubles Down On Team Collaboration

It’s been almost three years since Atlassian acquired HipChat and the product is now at the center of the company’s strategy as it doubles down on team collaboration. Today, it’s launching a new version of HipChat for enterprise users who want (or need) to run the service on their private networks…READ ON


…and now for something completely different…

10 Jobs That No Longer Exist Today

Rat anyone?

Rat anyone?

Here’s a list of pictures of 10 jobs that no longer exist today…


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