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Why Collaborating Creatively With Your Customers Helps You Transcend Being Just Another Brand

An interesting thing I’ve observed is that as the practice of collaboration is becoming more sophisticated, the practitioners and strategists alike are becoming innovative and creative as well. So when Ethan Song, CEO of the Frank & Oak online fashion boutique, talks about ‘curated collaboration’, of the recent success of his company, it would be smart to pay attention to this strategic leader who understands that collaboration with customers is another way to better your enterprise goals. Drake Baer from Fast Company has the full interview.  Full story…


Cisco ‘Mobility First’: Collaboration offerings for mobile workforces

Pieces about collaboration and Cisco are rarely news given how much collaboration as a way of operating is part of that company. However, this particular article caught my attention for its focus on the way their collaboration strategy is designed to accommodate the same quality of collaboration for partners, individuals etc outside of the enterprise. Cisco calls their strategy ‘mobility first’.  This is very close to my way of seeing collaboration as being a disruptor, however in the same measure, an equaliser, that challenges our notion of an organisation, or in fact any formal community. I have written a few blogs along these lines and now recommend this article by Gina Narcisi of TechTarget Networking Media.  Full story…

Evotec Announces TargetAD Collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation to Identify and Develop Novel Alzheimer’s Disease Therapies

Collaboration in the health industry is not new but is becoming wider and more creative. This media release explains how collaboration between two companies works when they leverage resources that neither company would be able to acquire on its own. This particular announcement focuses on both the health outcome (novel treatments for Alzheimer’s disease) and commercial opportunity.  Full story…

BIM: Collaboration is the key

Any collaboration strategist or second practitioner knows that collaboration, as an approach to improving competitive position, needs to be considered before a final decision is made. However in equal measure, it is of critical importance not to confuse collaboration for a simple, cheap or in fact all-embracing strategy. There’s a time and place for everything including successful collaboration. This piece by Dave Fittis provides valuable insight into the way Building Information Modelling (BIM) impacts on the construction process. As Dave points out, smart technology such as BIM can only offer its best when parties share information and collaborate to make the technology work for all stakeholders.  Full story…

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