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Hopefully this edition of ROADMENDER Recommends will satisfy those in need of some inspiration, incentive and perhaps even motivation to tackle Monday head on. While Google’s innovative culture and creativity has been covered a lot, there always seems to be something new, as the last article here indicates. Also, a couple of interesting pieces relating to workplace culture, including the new embrace of compassionate management, may be timely for those who are serious about getting ready to take on the early signs of increasing business opportunities in Australia.  

Why Everybody’s Going Freelance

“Organizational psychologists are finding that self-expression has deep links to productivity” says Drake Baer in this revealing article examining the trend that will see a rise of freelance workers. While the study is based in the USA, we could consider that some similarities are likely to translate into the Australian market. Regardless, it is a great insight into one aspect of workplace change.  Read on…

Dysfunctionally Connected Workplaces – 3 Ways to Build Trust and Human Connection

Do you work in a dysfunctionally connected enterprise? This article by Randy Conley, an expert thought leader in building trust in the workplace, reveals a lot in a deceptively simple list of key factors. No doubt management, leadership and in fact general staff all instinctively value trust. In my experience I have never seen an organisational review where people factors did not involve some reference to trust. And yet! Trust is one of the prerequisites for a collaborative working culture, which is why I thought this may be valuable as a work resource for the collaboration champions out there. Read on…

The Habits of the World’s Smartest People (Infographic)

A small dose of inspiration on Monday morning may just make the staff meeting a bit more creative. This little gem is revealed by Kathleen Davies.


The Rise of Compassionate Management

Is it possible to hope to see a thriving enterprise without taking on board the possibilities that compassionate management is offering? Perhaps a new approach to management is not going to work for all situations, but it’s hard to argue against its many positive aspects. For me the obvious one is the capacity for further employee collaboration. But, the benefits go well beyond that as Bronwyn Fryer explains.  Read on…

Go Inside Google Garage, The Collaborative Workspace That Thrives On Crazy, Creative Ideas

Miles Kohrman provides a glimpse into the often cited, adored and seldom well understood forces behind the giant company’s capacity to maintain its cool (for some that’s the same as crazy). While this is an example from a major employer, lessons here are easily applicable to any kind of enterprise. Read on…

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