Those who have experienced the true benefits of collaboration know one simple secret; collaboration is not a precise science. There’s an element of art in it. Which is why I think many fail to reconcile the practice with others functions of their enterprise such as marketing or BD. In business, what is fairly straightforward to measure is real capital. However, it is not really possible to measure symbolical capital. It is the latter where collaboration adds as much value as the former, which cannot be said about every other aspect of business function. The secret to collaboration is not the formula we desperately seek but rather a blend of real measurable ROI and intangibles. To help mature the discussion on the benefits of collaboration here is this week’s selection of recommended reading.

Sincere thanks to those who have suggested articles for this edition of Roadmender Recommends.


Competition is the Old Model, Collaboration is the New Model

In what ways are mass social change and transformational success really achieved? Is it by the ideas that are deeply ingrained tell us that money, power and influence are gained by way of sizing up and beating out our competitors? Or is it by joining forces as a united front with like-minded business owners to widen our stride and deepen our impact?…READ ON


Are You Communicating or Collaborating?

collaboration hands

Where exactly is the borderline between communications and collaboration? Am I confusing the two when I opine about Why Messaging Has the Momentum in Business Collaboration? I was challenged to answer this question recently while participating in a panel discussion moderated by Jon Arnold, an independent analyst who covers unified communications…READ ON


Why Collaborative Leadership Matters Most

Many years ago the Partnership for 21st Century Skills released a framework revolving around what they believed students needed to be prepared for their future. At this point we know that the Partnership wanted schools to focus on:…READ ON


Human-Machine Collaboration Transforms The Workplace

Cognitive computer technologies are accelerating so rapidly that soon the workplace will be irrevocably changed. Corporate leaders are now viewing machines as talent to be fostered for continuous innovation and effectiveness….READ ON


The Cult Of Collaboration Is Killing Your Firm

It’s no secret collaboration is everywhere in the office. In 2016 work spaces are open, meetings are frequent, the silos are breaking down, and there’s zero opportunity to check your pr0n accounts without a manager busting your chops. It’s a brave new world, and you’re working as a team whether you like it or not…READ ON


Biden’s cancer bid exposes rift among researchers

Joe Biden’s proposal for a cancer moon shot has struck a deep nerve in the research community, where cutting-edge scientists blame an entrenched medical establishment for hoarding the data needed to make breakthroughs…READ ON


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