There is a shift afoot: a shift in the way we glean knowledge and insight that is very different from that used by previous generations of managers, executives and leaders. Two decades ago, the gold standard of learning would have been referenced against an MBA from a prestigious institution. This is still relevant, but we increasingly see people garnering knowledge by all sorts of different means. Even comics. For example, as Forbes contributor Bruce Kasanoff writes, “comic books contain all the insights you need to have a spectacular career”, making them one only one of many interesting places where insights can be found. If that fails to grab your attention, then you might like to learn about ‘dumbbell collaboration’ in a piece by Cameron Conaway. Or you may like to discover the four signs that could indicate whether you are meant to be entrepreneur. Enjoy these and other interesting things in this week’s selection of recommended reading.

Sincere thanks to those who have suggested articles for this edition of Roadmender Recommends.


Solving Complex Social Problems Through Collaboration

complexGeneva Global, a tiny but mighty philanthropic consulting firm that specializes in international development, is helping to change the world from its small suburban corner of Wayne, Pa. With a team of just 52 staff members, they are quietly igniting social good on a global scale through the repetitive flexing of an approach called dumbbell collaboration…READ ON


Nine Career Lessons I Learned From Comic Books

act fastForget 300-page business books. In reality, comic books contain all the insights you need to have a spectacular career. Unlike “business strategy” tomes, comic book wisdom is packed into the fewest words possible. Translation: if you give me two minutes, I can save you a lot of time…READ ON


6 Collaborative Social Tools for Student Writing & Collaboration Lessons, Assignments

Teachers who have taken the dive into education technology have infinite teaching and learning possibilities at their fingertips. One category of technology tools that is often purposefully avoided as an instructional asset is social media. What can hardly be avoided, however, is the way that functionality that is common in mass social media applications has influenced other types of software applications…READ ON


What Work Will Look Like In 2025

work in 2025Anyone who grew up with the notion that we’d all have jet packs and robot housekeepers by 2015 knows that predicting the future is a risky business. But as technology continues to develop and various trends, demographic shifts, and other factors create change, we are able to get a better handle on how our careers will change in the future. To get a better insight, we asked the experts what work will look in 2025. Here’s what they had to say…READ ON


Open offices in Oklahoma City foster collaboration, save costs

In the 17 years Melody Wortmann has worked for American Fidelity Assurance Company, she’s always had her own office. But when she moves from 2000 N Classen to Fidelity’s new site at 9000 N Broadway, she — like most employees — will sit at a work station in an open floor plan. “It’s a completely new concept for us, and definitely requires a totally different way of thinking,” said Wortmann, assistant vice president of culture, communications and creative services…READ ON


4 research-backed signs you’re meant to be an entrepreneur

markWhile about 43% of American kids and adolescents say they plan to start their own businesses, just 13% of adults in the US are engaged in entrepreneurial activities. So what are the qualities of individuals whose entrepreneurial ambitions survive the transition to adulthood? To find out, researchers at Tufts and Stanford universities spent three years studying more than 5,000 college-age students to pinpoint the traits and behaviours of aspiring entrepreneurs…READ ON

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