According to a recent report by Deloitte, businesses that ignore collaboration are vastly outperformed by their competition. Only 20% of the ‘we don’t care for collaboration’ type of businesses manage to beat the competition. So the question is, what will business look like in the year 2025? If trends are anything to go by, chances are that businesses without a sound collaboration culture, based on a strong collaboration strategy, will fade into a kingdom of irrelevance. But, that would only be by choice. Ignoring collaboration is a strange option to say that least, or maybe even outright silly and irresponsible. Yes, collaboration is not something that comes without difficulties, but the outcomes are too important for businesses to ignore it. So, for the growing number of converts, here are this week’s articles, curated by ROADMENDER for our community.

Sincere thanks to those who have suggested articles for this edition of Roadmender Recommends.


The Power of Teamwork and Collaboration

The Pilot launch of The Showrunner Podcasting Course went live on Friday, April 24. On the eve of the launch, weary-eyed but still enthusiastic at 10:30 p.m., The Showrunner hosts, Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor, took a short break from course prep to hop on Skype and share a few thoughts about the power of teamwork and collaboration. Shortly after their chat began, the podcasting gods gave them a clear sign that they should end the call and resume working. So they did. But to make this bonus episode a true bonus, they decided to give you a sneak peek at one of the bonus interviews inside of the course…READ ON


3 Collaboration Tips for Innovative Product Marketers

3 tipsIt’s great to be a product marketer. You’re at the center of your company: you have a direct lens into multiple teams, operations, and initiatives. You’re also your customers’ chief empathizer, and you have an arsenal of data to learn about their most pressing needs. But at any given time, you’re probably walking a fine line between “lots of great detail” and “information overload.” The biggest challenge you’re likely facing is how to distill your wealth of knowledge into a cohesive set of resources for your team…READ ON


Mapping the value of employee collaboration

mapping collabAlthough collaboration is at the heart of modern business processes, most companies are still in the dark about how to manage it. Linear, process-based tools such as activity-based costing, business process reengineering, and total quality management have long been effective at measuring and improving the efficiency of people and organizations in accomplishing individual tasks. But they do a poor job of shedding light on the largely invisible networks that help employees get things done across functional, hierarchical, and business unit boundaries…READ ON


The Good, the Bad, and the Future of Creative Collaboration

Innovators know that sharing isn’t just caring–it’s the only way to get by. Collaboration has recently emerged as the defining characteristic of creativity and growth in nearly all sectors and industries. The singular genius who works alone is a myth of yesterday. Today, the biggest breakthroughs happen when networks of self-motivated people with a collective vision join together and share ideas, information, and work…READ ON


5 Collaboration Tips All Digital Marketers Need

5 Collaboration Tips All Digital Marketers NeedBranding is the key to success. Now every business try to build a brand as brand represent trust and reliability. But when you are making brand as marketer then you need several different people working together to make it happen. Marketers, Designers and Developers need to work as teach to build brand…READ ON


How much can technology actually improve collaboration?

There seem to be few categories of business software that end up entailing more finesse or a careful touch than digital collaboration tools. This seems a bit disappointing at first, since we’re so used to acquiring technology today and being able to put it to use right away, essentially from the outset. But as it turns out, there’s a good reason for this, as we’ll see. While getting some immediate value has actually been the case with digital collaboration almost from the outset — as many of the benefits appear right away simply by making team interaction possible across time and space — it’s achieving real benefits beyond just the initial basic gains we’ve already received that is more the focus of efforts in the enterprise today…READ ON


How Social Should Social Collaboration Be?

social collabHow social should your online collaboration network be? Social enough to make your employees more productive and not enough to make them distracted. Finding the perfect formula is still a work in progress. I’m writing this on the plane to the Interop conference in Las Vegas, where I will be riffing on and updating themes from my Social Collaboration for Dummies book in a presentation called 10 Keys to Collaboration for the Agile Enterprise. One point I will emphasize is that social networking was never supposed to be the ultimate point of adopting social software…READ ON


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