Collaboration is only as good as its collaborating parties. So, in a way, it all should start with self-knowledge, self-improvement etc. This first edition of recommended reading for 2015 brings in a few things that may just do that; help us learn things that can make us better collaborators. The article on neuroscience discoveries in 2014 can really impact how you work as a collaborator. Or check out the infographic that presents a business case for flexible work options. As for myself, I am excited about NASA embracing collaboration to continue its amazing research program.

Sincere thanks to those who have suggested articles for this edition of Roadmender Recommends.


NASA’s New Space Initiative involves Collaboration with Four Companies

NASATo develop a new commercial space program, NASA has decided to team up with four US-based companies. The four companies in question are Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), Final Frontier Design, United Launch Alliance and the ATK Space Systems. This initiative has been named by NASA as the Collaborations for Commercial Space Capabilities (CCSC). Phil McAlister, NASA’s commercial spaceflight development head, said, “Companies in all shapes and sizes are investing their own capital toward innovative commercial space capabilities. This collaboration demonstrates the diversity and maturity of the commercial space industry”. He added that NASA wants to work with these partners for advancement of space capabilities and to allow NASA and other customers to use them in coming years…READ ON


10 Essential Keys to a Successful (and Profitable) Collaboration

In business, we collaborate with others all the time. Whether its working with the members of our team, or closing an important deal with a customer or vendor, or developing a new product or service with a business partner, building effective collaboration skills and strategies is key to success in business. According to Felix Barber and Michael Goold, business consultants and authors of the book, Collaboration Strategy, “The greatest concern for most business owners and CEOs, what keeps them awake at night, is often not their strategy–how to create a compelling customer offer or how to outsmart the competition–it’s how to get people to make that strategy actually happen.”..READ ON


Collaboration is critical for early childhood development

 A teacher reads to young children at the Francis Institute for Child and Youth Development at Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley. Shane Keyser  / The Kansas City Star

A teacher reads to young children at the Francis Institute for Child and Youth Development at Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley. Shane Keyser / The Kansas City Star

As a city, we are thrilled that the business community has added early childhood development to its list of five strategic priorities. The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce must be applauded for shining a light on this issue of school readiness, which plagues under-resourced neighborhoods. With the leadership of the chamber, along with former mayors Kay Barnes and Carol Marinovich, and Tracy McFerrin Foster of the Hall Family Foundation at the helm, we have a great chance to transform this city, empowering the next generation of Kansas City families and children. But, as they take the lead, everyone must step up to lend a hand…READ ON


The Business Case for Flexible Work Options (Infographic)

flexible workforce

You know that at least some of your employees want to work from home. But do you know how important it is to their satisfaction and productivity? As flexible work options have become more common in recent years, many companies are finding out, with one survey of more than 1,000 companies showing that small businesses consistently provide flexibility at higher levels than their largest counterparts (the authors left out medium-size firms, but maintain that they fall in between). Giving employees the flexibility they crave, it turns out, is not at all hard to do–the improved company performance that comes with having a satisfied work force sees to that…READ ON


Thinkers and Tinkerers

Staying hungry: Steve Jobs in Cupertino, California, January 1984 (Norman Seeff)

Staying hungry: Steve Jobs in Cupertino, California, January 1984 (Norman Seeff)

In the grand scope of human history, technological progress is actually a surprisingly new phenomenon. While there had always been the occasional new invention or technological breakthrough, it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that sustained technological progress became a reality—and, with it, the possibility of steadily rising living standards…READ ON


Top 5 Neuroscience Discoveries of 2014

IMAGE: Shutterstock

IMAGE: Shutterstock

In 2014, neuroscience leapt out of the research laboratories and became an integral part of how we think (literally) about business. Here are the discoveries and insights that have changed the workplace over the past year:..READ ON


CIMdata Publishes “New Age Collaboration and Design”

In this paper, Mannisto makes a strong case for companies adopting new-age behaviors and social technologies to collaborate more effectively globally. He says that, unless a global company uses all its knowledge, it is losing out. Through storytelling, with examples from his personal life, Mannisto points out that social media is outpacing how we work…READ ON

…and now for something completely different…

15 Quotes on Finding Success by Following Your Passion

Passion is something you can develop and nurture. It comes from within, but it is also based on your circumstances. Choose a new crowd, find a different setting, or go on a long vacation and you might develop a new passion. These quotes can help. They will inspire you as we enter the new year and the next half-decade. What can you become more passionate about?..READ ON

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