Only a few days to go before we farewell 2014. As much as it is good to reflect on great things and accomplishments on which 2015 can be built, there is always that feeling that a just a bit more could have been achieved in the year past. I would not dare pretend that I know how to avoid the same feeling in 12 months’ time but I am confident in saying this: collaboration can be of great help. In fact when I reflect on the year behind me I think mostly of things that were a joint effort. So, with that in mind, I wish you all the best for the New Year. In case some bright ideas pop up in between festivities, some of this week’s selected readings may be a good reference point.

Sincere thanks to those who have suggested articles for this edition of Roadmender Recommends.


5 Reasons To Collaborate Online In 2015

laptopMost tasks and jobs are easier when shared. This can be applied more specifically to the work place, especially in a team environment. People work better when they can collaborate and share ideas, as well as workloads. When it comes to office work it makes sense to share things between co-workers as it helps the whole organisation perform efficiently. You can always benefit from a colleague taking a quick look over some work as a different view to take on it…READ ON


Company culture, collaboration is focus at Udemy

Photo: Sam Wolson

Photo: Sam Wolson

It is used to summon employees for announcements about the online learning marketplace, introductions of new workers and group presentations called “hashes.” Held during lunch or at the end of the day, the hashes highlight employee projects and passions — like e-mail marketing wins and conversational Spanish and Turkish…READ ON


10 Ways to Build Genuinely Great Relationships in Business

pertleLet me vent for a minute. I promise there is a potential huge pay off for you. About a month ago, I got an email out of the blue from a semi-big deal guy I had never met. He said he admired my work and had an intriguing project that would be right for me. He was going to be in New York for Thanksgiving. Was there anyway for us to meet? I said no. I was having my family in. But I would be happy to travel out to see him in the Midwest before the end of the year. He said there was no time to waste. So, the day after Thanksgiving I headed off for a meeting in midtown. On the way to the meeting, he changed the location. No big deal. These things happen…READ ON


Why Self-Managed Teams Are the Future of Business

rowingA recent Harvard Business Journal article was titled, “Are We Ready for Self-Management?” as if this is a new, experimental thing. The fact is that many large, highly successful companies have been structured this way for up to fifty years, says inc. Command and control freaks still talk as if this is some kind of fringe thing. But self-managed teams are time-tested, proven and here to stay, and a tidal wave of companies are moving in that direction, because the data on why you should do it is irrefutable…READ ON


Reimagining Healthcare Through Wearable Tech And Collaboration


Tech giants are making early moves to partner as they see business opportunities emerge in the digital healthcare market. Earlier in December, we learned that Intel will replace Texas Instruments as the provider of chips for Google Glass. We also learned that the company plans to promote Glass as a workplace-computing device to healthcare workers and that physicians may begin using Glass as an application to record electronic health data…READ ON


Corporate education, collaboration are storylines to watch in higher education in 2015

Employees at MVP Health Care can enroll in two degree programs at Union Graduate College at a reduced tuition. Laura Schweitzer, president of Union Graduate College, said the college is working with more corporations on similar agreements. The growth of corporate education is one trend to watch for in higher education next year…READ ON


5 Ways People Kill Their Career Potential…And May Not Realize It

As researchers who study appreciation and value creation in the workplace, it would be easy for us to write an article about killing career potential (both yours and your coworkers) by being a jerk at work. But, that’s not the only thing that kills potential…READ ON


Nomad Yard “a vintage collaborative” Opens near Union Market

411 New York Ave, NE

411 New York Ave, NE

Thanks to a reader for the heads up on Nomad Yard who opened october 31st near Union Market: “curated by old|new collectiv, nomad yard is the collaborative and curatorial arm that works with vintage collectors, contemporary designers, crafters, makers and artists to inspire fresh ways of acquiring, retailing and valuing their goods…READ ON


…and now for something completely different…


‘Here’s to 2014′: The Year’s Biggest Moments, Illustrated [INFOGRAPHIC]

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