In our workplaces there are times when we wish to be heard; times when our concerns should matter and we just hope that the boss will take on board seriously. It turns out that one of the concerns that many share is related to collaboration; or to be precise, the lack of opportunity for it. One recent study (see article below) indicated that every third employee wishes to collaborate more in their workplace. Teamwork as one dimension of the collaboration discipline is a good place to start. I think staff in general need to help their bosses better understand the need for collaboration. They need to also act with the assumption that many bosses are rewarded when they ignore collaboration; believing it to be something that is not good for competition. So, knowledge about collaboration may not be common among bosses. Help your boss help you by sharing what you know about collaboration. For a start, here’s this week’s selection of recommended reading. Hope you enjoy it.

Collaboration within teams: by Sarah Cook and Steve Macaulay.  Link: https://www.trainingjournal.com/articles/feature/collaboration-within-teams

Collaboration within teams: by Sarah Cook and Steve Macaulay.
Link: https://www.trainingjournal.com/articles/feature/collaboration-within-teams


Collaborate or Be Killed

My first business, a construction company, grew in revenue because of collaboration. I looked to other contractors whose businesses had value to me and that I could add value to. In short, both sides had needs and wants. Instead of seeing others as competitors, these individuals and I saw as opportunities for greater business through collaborating. I am using the same principles now in a totally different industry (coaching and mentoring) and the results are also positive. Collaboration works. Let me tell you how…READ ON


How collaboration can help to achieve business change

google groupsCollaboration is the watchword across the NIHR Clinical Research Network. It saves us time, effort and money, enabling us to increase the scope of research we support and improve the quality of this work. Considering we are by our very nature, a network, we’re well placed to share ways of working, content and even the load! In 2013-14 we accepted the challenge to implement what we tongue-in-cheek called the “Google-verse”. The project brief was simple: to migrate more than 500 accounts from the traditionally deployed email solution to the new National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) hub built on the Google collaboration platform…READ ON


The Power of Team Collaboration in the Workplace

power of collRecent research by Cornerstone On Demand shows 38 percent of workers feel there is not enough collaboration in the workplace. Factors that would encourage collaboration, according to participants of the study, include positive recognition of input shared (50 percent), encouragement from senior staff (41 percent), ability to easily share input with different departments (33 percent), and more…READ ON


Collaboration a key focus of Leadership Denver

Working together. It’s something that’s lauded across industry and geography as a pillar of success. In particular, it’s an area where others look to the Denver metro area as a leader. Collaboration is just one area where Leadership Denver, which has provided four decades of civic leadership education, focuses its work…READ ON


Workplace Competitions: The Secret To Employee Collaboration?

A lot of companies rely on competition to motivate their sales and marketing teams around important initiatives. But here’s something that they might not even realize: With an added dose of friendly competition comes increased employee collaboration. In fact, a properly executed strategy has the power to facilitate coaching and learning among employees and help socialize new hires, while increasing both peer-to-peer and peer-to-manager collaboration…READ ON


You Can’t Collaborate Unless You Agree on the Problem

To design and develop new products, it’s not uncommon today to get your research and engineering folks to collaborate with customers and other external stakeholders. In effect, you give these people the right to participate in your innovation process and influence its final outcome. This sort of collaboration has been well-documented in the B2C context (where it’s often called “crowdsourcing” or “co-creation”), but we see it in B2B companies as well. In B2B customer collaboration, however, the customer tends to be driven by specific business goals rather than passion for your brand or product category…READ ON


With Modi momentum, US seeks enhanced energy collaboration

Washington: With Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi “providing a new momentum”, the US has suggested four areas where India and the US can enhance collaboration in energy and sustainable development. “We have a strong base to build on” in these areas, US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said at the 5th US-India Energy Partnership Summit here Wednesday. He described “the enhanced strategic partnership” announced by President Barack Obama and Modi as a major development. The four areas suggested by Moniz were: new US/India smart cities collaboration, new multi-billion dollar effort to support renewable energy, US/India partnership for climate resilience and training students and scholars in US/India exchange programme…READ ON


CERN turns 60 and celebrates peaceful collaboration for science

cernToday, CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is blowing out 60 candles at an event attended by official delegations from 35 countries. Founded in 1954, CERN is today the largest particle physics laboratory in the world and a prime example of international collaboration, bringing together scientists of almost 100 nationalities…READ ON



…and now for something completely different…


John Steinbeck on the Creative Spirit and the Meaning of Life

steinbeck_eastofedenA decade before he won the Nobel Prize for Literature, John Steinbeck (February 27, 1902–December 20, 1968) wrote East of Eden (public library), which was eventually adapted into the 1955 film of the same title starring James Dean and which Steinbeck originally addressed to his two young sons. (The elder one, Thom, later became the recipient of Steinbeck’s magnificent letter of advice on falling in love.)…READ ON

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