Yes, I know … I hear it all the time; collaboration is a buzzword. Well, it may be. So is love, friendship, happiness, hope, life, mindfulness, etc. Our daily life is filled with buzzwords. Many have been around for centuries. What I also hear is that some people tend to dismissively label things as being buzzwords. Almost as if to say, I’m not buying that. Can’t blame them; one has to be selective. But being selective is one thing; ignoring major socio-economic drivers just because they may be too complex is a different story altogether. By all means, make choices when it comes collaboration. But hear what people who use it have to say and how it is making things better in their enterprises. Here’s this week’s selection of reading – enjoy.


You Can’t Do It Alone So Drop The Ego And Collaborate

How many times have you heard the saying “if you want it done right you’ve got to do it yourself”? Well, that is not always the best mindset. This business we are in is all about collaboration, and the sooner you embrace what others have to offer, the sooner you will put out work that is competitive. Collaboration has many benefits that can take your work to the next level. At the very beginning of my photography career I was a bit of a lone wolf. I worked alone. I was the team. I was your hair and make-up, stylist, set design, marketing department, sales force, retoucher, delivery man, janitor, assistant, and anything else that needed to get done…READ ON


Collaboration Is as Easy as Knowing Your ABC’s

abcSadly, many leaders and employees simply don’t know how to be collaborative. They’d rather hoard documents on their hard drive, take credit for ideas, close their office door and pretend no one else is around or complete an action without ever asking anyone for input or advice. And we wonder why employee engagement levels remain so anemic in today’s organizations. There is hope, however, and perhaps that comes in the form of adding to the definition of collaboration…READ ON












This Sleek App Could Be Your New Favourite Tool For Collaboration

Quip’s productivity suite for iPhone, iPad, Android, and the desktop seeks to solve the messy problem of collaboration. It’s a bit similar to Google Drive, but Quip’s answer to streamlined collaboration lies in its robust messaging platform, which combines the quick nature of an instant messenger with a fully-fledged document editor. The result is a flexible app that lets teams and individuals comment, tag, and message others all from within the document you’re working on…READ ON


GO-NGO collaboration, a must for primary education

Considering the significance of ensuring primary education to all school going children in Bangladesh, government has taken many unprecedented as well as history making initiatives in the recent years. The most remarkable initiatives taken by the government for developing primary education are nationalisation of all types of non-government primary schools, physical infra-structural development of schools, establishment of new primary schools in the non-school areas, appointment of new teachers with creation of additional teacher post in each school etc. As a result of taking rationale and pragmatic initiatives like mainstreaming of inclusive primary education and pre-primary education all over the country, government achieved significant success in this sector…READ ON


Global collaborations

Collaboration is the foundation stone of successful research and innovation. Liverpool works extensively with partners throughout the world and has a strong track record in securing funding for collaborative research from both public and private sectors. Liverpool has created a network of partnerships with research institutes, leading universities governments and other organisations around the world. These partnerships are focused on developing new opportunities for international research collaboration and include a commitment to both staff and student mobility…READ ON


The Time Suck of Collaboration

Everyone wants a part of your time. Even me. How can you learn to better manage it and avoid things that are unproductive? In 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done Peter Bregman offers a simple solution that can be easily implemented. Ask yourself three simple questions before you accept any commitment…READ ON


…and now for something completely different…


How To Know If Your Dumb Idea Will Change The World

If what you get is 80% think it’s the dumbest idea ever and should die in a fire, and 20% think it’s the best thing they’ve ever seen, then you’ve probably got something.

In 2005, along with colleagues Steve Newman and Claudia Carpenter, Sam Schillace created a browser-based word processor called Writely. A Silicon Valley darling, it was eventually acquired by Google and became the basis for Google Docs. Now the SVP of engineering at Box, a cloud storage and file sharing service, Schillace says that despite today’s ubiquity of cloud-based computing, Writely was at first considered a bad idea and a waste of time…READ ON


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