I find myself often repeating one thing: ‘if collaboration does not change you then you are probably not doing it right”. Every time I say that in a meeting, workshop, strategic planning session etc. I realise I need to underscore the importance of the link between the change and collaboration. As for change, most people approach it with a degree of apprehension. No matter how much we try to reassure people around us that change is for the better, the reality is that there are deeper forces at work and words must give way to clever systems and a lot of work. One thing about collaboration and change is that if not properly governed it can lead to fatigue and stress. Both are manageable but it means that setting up the governance and management structure best suited for a particular organisation or project is the golden rule. The following selection covers a variety of factors that may be useful in thinking through some of those planning factors.



The Death of the Cubicle — and the Killers Are Collaboration and Innovation .  Source: http://www.ere.net/2012/05/21/the-death-of-the-cubicle-and-the-killers-are-collaboration-and-innovation/

The Death of the Cubicle — and the Killers Are Collaboration and Innovation .
Source: http://www.ere.net/2012/05/21/the-death-of-the-cubicle-and-the-killers-are-collaboration-and-innovation/

Eight Ideas for Designing a More Collaborative Workspace

Collaborative workspaces are becoming increasingly popular in businesses, and many startups and new businesses are embracing these kinds of spaces for their benefits to productivity and the bottom line. Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprising the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs, offered their tips and ideas on designing collaborative workspaces—valuable for any business looking to increase employee interaction and happiness…READ ON


Common workspace grows collaboration among companies

Over mid-morning coffee and doughnuts one day last week, about a dozen people brainstormed ways to help each other and handed out kudos for the past week’s successes. But it wasn’t your typical staff meeting. Those gathered all work for different companies – many ventures that they founded – but they share a common workplace: The Loft at Start It Up Delaware. They moved in to a newly renovated space this month, another milestone in a project that intends to nurture and support people with an entrepreneurial mission…READ ON


Cooking up Change: Recipes for successful collaborations

cookingJoin Forum for the Future and Partners on the afternoon of 16 September in Central London for a hands-on event exploring what makes collaborations work. Progressive organisations are increasingly turning to collaboration to create significant change. But effective collaborations need the right mix of ingredients, the skills to combine them, and a certain alchemy in the process. You’ll delve into some recipes for collaboration that have been tried and tested by Forum and our Partners. You’ll hear lessons from seasoned collaborations (including the Sustainable Shipping Initiative and the Community Energy Coalition), with frank sharing about what it takes to start and sustain global change…READ ON


The Art of Successful Workplace Collaboration

On paper, collaborations have a lot to offer. By putting our heads together with others, we’re attacking a challenge with greater intellectual firepower. The more perspectives we bring to the table, the more likely we are to eliminate blind spots, unearth creative solutions, and minimize mistakes. The logic seems irrefutable. So it’s surprising that studies on collaborations have yielded mixed results. First, brainstorming was shown to undermine creativity. A closer look at the literature reveals that brainstorming is hardly the sole culprit. At times, it’s the collaboration itself that diminishes the quality of our work…READ ON


Innovative Collaboration to Secure Water, Boost Economy

The Nature Conservancy and partners are excited to announce the launch of a groundbreaking project on Tuesday, July 29, that will secure drinking water, boost the state’s economy, add jobs and improve the quality of life for residents of northern New Mexico. The Rio Grande Water Fund is an innovative mechanism that will coordinate and leverage fundraising efforts from public and private donors. The Water Fund will support a 20-year plan to restore roughly 1.7 million acres of overgrown forests around the Rio Grande River and its tributaries – from Taos to Albuquerque – which are at high risk for damaging wildfires…READ ON


Build Bridges Beyond Your Corporate Collaboration Island

Modern enterprises are never insular. They work and interact with developers, resellers, suppliers, and customers, all of whom represent the extended enterprise. Yet, many keep IT systems closed by firewall and policy, and sometimes similarly so for employees as well, even when they need to work with people externally. Information access may need to be restricted, but limiting people to interacting solely by email with the outside world severely limits their ability to communicate and build a shared context of understanding. The one place you should support interaction is in the collaboration system…READ ON


How to Avoid Collaboration Fatigue

It’s nearly impossible to escape a meeting or conference call without someone touting the virtues of collaboration. After all, researchers have linked collaboration to increased innovation, and many have compellingly argued for collaboration’s role in better leadership performance. Collaboration just feels right — like a big hug or a warm puppy. But collaboration also has an overlooked dark side…READ ON



…and now for something completely different…


How To Ask To Pick Someone’s Brain — Without Being Annoying

When you reach out to people you admire, asking them to chat about their careers, you probably think it’s an obvious decision for them to help you. After all, who doesn’t want to use their hard-won expertise to catapult other people to success? Well, I’ve got some bad news for you: Agreeing to meet up with you is not an easy decision for these people. In fact, in many cases, they would much rather say no…READ ON


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