Nike company executives who have managed to get their company noticed again for being innovation leaders, believe that ‘to disrupt, you must go all in’. Mark Hampton, the inventor of the HiLo Lens, believes that collaboration has been critical to his success but has some words of warning to budding entrepreneurs. Michael Krigsman reminds us that collaboration is not a “thing” but an outcome of shared activities. If you hope to make profits immediately after innovation then forget it, argues Scott Anthony in a Harvard Business Review blog. Martin Dohmen, Chief Strategy Officer, MSLGROUP explains the link between reputation and collaboration in the new business order. Business tourism experts in New Zealand believe that collaboration is the way to go in the current market. And finally, some argue that planning the future is pointless and instead we’re better off embracing uncertainty.

If some of these points seem interesting , then check out this week’s selection.


Nike: The No. 1 Most Innovative Company Of 2013

FUELBAND  Nike embedded 120 LED lights into the FuelBand, modeling the display after a retro scoreboard. Illustrations By Pete Sucheski

Nike embedded 120 LED lights into the FuelBand, modeling the display after a retro scoreboard.
Illustrations By Pete Sucheski


Stefan Olander , head of Nike’s three-year-old Digital Sport division, is watching a group of his engineers hack an experiment together. They’re using a pair of Nike trainers with embedded sensors. The sensors measure pressure created when the shoes, which happen to be on the feet of a lanky product manager named Brandon Burroughs, strike the ground…READ ON







Collaboration enriches entrepreneur’s innovation

Innovation and entrepreneurship can be lonely. That’s why Mark Hampton, the Kiwi inventor behind the HiLo Lens, believes collaboration has been critical to his success so far. “Being a sole founder was one of my greatest hurdles. I’ve collaborated with a lot of freelancers to bounce ideas off. Publishing what I was doing before having product available was a small risk, but led to great collaborations.” But where collaboration is concerned, Hampton has a warning for budding entrepreneurs. “Be wary of any advice from people who don’t know your market or your technology as well as you do. Find people who know more about the market and technology than you do”…READ ON


Collaboration: six mistakes to avoid

‘Collaboration’, broadly defined as two or more organisations working together in partnership, continues to be a hot topic in our sector. The SVA Consulting Quarterly article in issue 6, Getting our act together explored some of the reasons for collaborating and the overall challenges faced by organisations embarking on the journey. Be it to increase impact, improve funding or reduce costs, many organisations are looking for opportunities to collaborate…READ ON


SAP Jam: Ready for enterprise collaboration

Collaboration across organizational departments and silos should be a foundation component for many business transformation initiatives. For this reason, many enterprise software vendors have released products intended to streamline communication among employees, business partners, and others who work together. Enterprise collaboration. Historically, many of these tools have offered a so-called “collaboration layer” that is disconnected from specific processes and feels like a bolted-on appendage. For example, a typical collaboration layer might consist of fields embedded inside a financial application that show information about the team members working together. It’s not collaboration so much as a reference library. As another example, some early collaboration products did nothing more than embed chat capabilities inside existing applications…READ ON


No Innovation Is Immediately Profitable

Every company should dedicate a portion of its innovation portfolio to the creation of new growth through disruptive innovation. But companies need to think carefully about who makes the decisions about managing the investment in those businesses. If the people controlling the purse can’t afford to lose a bit in the short term, then you simply can’t ask them to invest in anything but close-to-the-core opportunities that promise immediate (albeit more modest) returns…READ ON


Reputation Building by Influencer Collaboration


Numerous companies and brands have recently recognized the sign of the times and moved on to create a new dimension of interaction with their external and internal stakeholders. New opportunities open up due to the arrival of new media, channels and platforms – as new challenges arise in the wake of eroding trust, and the growing demand for participation in the always-on conversation economy. Which are the key factors of success, then, in turning corporate and brand relations into a lasting and mutually beneficial stakeholder engagement? What are the most promising choices in setting up “Purpose + People” programs meant to effectively involve customers and consumers, employees and influencers, thought leaders and citizens? How to best establish communications platforms and programs to add to an attractive “citizen brand” profile? Who could be the audiences participating in the evolution of corporate and brand reputation – through sustained and constructive dialogue, productive ideation and sustained co-innovation?…READ ON


Collaboration key to success says new CINZ chief

New Zealand’s business tourism and events industry needs to work collaboratively if it is to successfully compete on the international stage, according to Sue Sullivan.Sullivan, Conventions and Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) new chief, speaking at the opening of Meetings 2014 in Auckland said: “We’re operating in a highly competitive, innovative market and if we want to punch above our weight we need to work together and, where necessary, pool resources. The new convention centres planned for the country will open up new opportunities for our industry and we need to be ready to respond in a co-ordinated, strategic way…READ ON


Can the collaboration trend work in favour of the mid-size firm?

The Lawyer editor Catrin Griffiths speaks to leading figures from Clyde & Co, DWF, Macfarlanes, Mishcon, Pinsent Masons and Slater & Gordon about the growing appetite from in-house lawyers for collaborative working…READ ON


…and now for something completely different…


Planning Your Future Is Pointless. The How And Why Of Embracing Uncertainty

planEven young people who have a plan (be a doctor, lawyer, research scientist, singer) don’t really know what will happen. If they have any certainty at all, they’re a bit deluded. Life doesn’t go according to plan, and while a few people might do exactly what they set out to do, you never know if you’re one of those. Other things come along to change you, to change your opportunities, to change the world. The jobs of working at Google, Amazon or Twitter, for example, didn’t exist when I was a teenager. Neither did this job…READ ON


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