In my last article I wrote about some of the key things that need to be considered before any collaboration can commence. The first item listed was governance. This is one of the areas that, when properly structured, can eradicate a host of concerns. Having said that, it is very clear that there will be a lot more development in the collaboration space, particularly because of concerns that collaboration may expose partners to risk. One of the articles selected for this week’s recommendation touches on the legislative part of collaboration, which is a really welcome development as I think this will be an ongoing concern as the discipline matures. As the article points out, apart from the partners, the public’s concern in respect to the way collaborations are structured is a critical aspect of the entire discipline if it is to live up to its reputation. A range of articles in this week’s selection point to the almost never ending sense of possibilities, which is vital for both innovation and the resilience of any enterprise.

Australian designer Marc Newson's vision of a car. Many common use items are now product of collaboration between designers and production companies.

Australian designer Marc Newson’s vision of a car. Many common use items are now product of collaboration between designers and production companies.

3 Tips for Effective Interagency Collaboration

Coordinating policy across multiple agencies is a major challenge for many federal program managers and leaders. Responsibilities are not always neatly divided within agencies or even between agencies. The results are conflicting policies, duplication of effort and inefficiency. At the core of the issue is each federal agency’s struggle to hold on to what it defines as its responsibility and mission space. A 2011 Government Accountability Office report identified 34 areas in which agencies have overlapping initiatives. In 2013, the updated GAO report didn’t indicate much improvement. Thirty-one areas were still identified with significant “fragmentation, overlap, and duplication.”..READ ON


Proposed legislation targets collaboration between industry and professionals

lawFor the benefit of both industry and society in general, it is usual for industry to establish collaborations with healthcare professionals in order for them to conduct research activities, participate in advisory boards, provide consulting and possess other positions of trust in a company – all in order to advance research and knowledge within the pharmaceutical and medical device fields. However, a few unfortunate stories in the media have caused a loss of confidence among the Danish public with regard to such collaborations. In light of these developments, the proposal aims to renew public confidence by ensuring increased transparency. The proposal introduces two new transparency models – a notification model and an approval model…READ ON


Council formed for collaboration among medical institutions

The council was formed during a meeting of heads of medical education departments of public and private sector medical colleges, at the University of Health Sciences (UHS). UHS Pro-Vice Chancellor Junaid Khan chaired the meeting. Those who attended the meeting said the council had been formed to develop a roadmap for better coordination among the institutions affiliated with UHS. The meeting agreed that the council would oversee research, teaching and professional development of the people concerned. It would also provide support for curriculum development and assessment, they said. A core-committee of the CCME was set up and Dr Musarratul Hasnain of Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad, was elected its president…READ ON


League urges more collaboration to meet mental health needs

More collaboration and less competition is needed among providers, according to the report. A siloed approach to the recruitment of much-needed psychiatrists for children and adults is one example of how stronger cooperation could bring a broader range of success, said Sullivan. The county lacks short-term stabilization beds to help people avoid hospitalization or incarceration, added Sullivan. A proposal from Chestnut Health Systems for funding such a facility is pending with the county’s Board of Health. The 14-bed center would operate in conjunction with a mobile crisis program, under the Chestnut proposal…READ ON


Working Together to Recognize Volunteers…and More

April has rolled around again, bringing National Volunteer Week to North America (and to other countries over the next months). Most of us have learned the value of showing appreciation all year long, but this designated week gives us the chance to consider how we thank the time donors who are so important to us. In addition, it raises the issue of how ridiculously busy most leaders of volunteers are and how great the potential is for working together to accomplish common objectives…READ ON


Cisco unveils video collaboration solution

Cisco has unveiled a new video and collaboration solution, which, it says, is designed for organisations of all sizes. According to a company statement,the solution allowsusers to effectively share video and content in rooms of any size depending on their needs as well as the setup of the room. “Previous attempts to deliver collaboration have been incremental and good. But the cold, hard truth is that today’s collaboration tools are forcing users to do today’s jobs with yesterday’s technology, says Conrad Steyn, collaboration product sales specialist at Cisco SA. “It is time for a change. The industry is ready for a great leap forward, and Cisco is making that leap. These new products represent the first phase of a multi-phase roll-out in how Cisco is reimagining collaboration and setting the foundation for a revolution in the industry; stay tuned for more.”..READ ON


The acclaimed Australian designer on his collaboration with Safilo and how all design is problem-solving

Iconic Marc...

Iconic Marc…

Recently, we reported on the launch of a new collaboration between Safilo and acclaimed Australian designer Marc Newson, meant to celebrate 80 years of activity for the historic Italian eyewear company. At Milan Design Week, we had the honor to talk to Newson himself. In a totally white space filled with light, in the historic halls of La Triennale, the designer spoke about manufacturing processes, signature products, heritage and the future of design…READ ON


…and now for something completely different…


The Indispensable Power of Story

Some people have a way of making the complex clear. They know who they are, why they do what they do, and where they want to go. Because they have internalized all this, they are able to sharply crystallize ideas and vision. They speak in simple, relatable terms. And they can get a lot accomplished. Making your words understandable and inspirational isn’t about dumbing them down. Instead, it requires bringing in elements such as anecdote, mnemonic, metaphor, storytelling, and analogy in ways that connect the essence of a message with both logic and emotion. Almost everyone leading or creating has a vision, but the challenge is often expressing it in ways that relate and connect. Quick, think of some former Presidents of the United States and presidential candidates. Which ones are most memorable? Which ones are most likable? Which ones won? The leaders who stick in your mind are likely the ones who humanize their message and deliver it in ways that connect with everyone at some level, in turn inspiring others to relate to them while better appreciating the mission at hand…READ ON


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