Collaboration key to job creation

At the risk of extolling too much that collaboration is the answer to all problems, I have to say I like hearing that there are more and more simple and direct arguments for collaboration.  When we mention jobs now I am sure that most enterprises would be interested to know how collaboration can help generate employment. This piece by Dan Heath from Press Republican talks about a specific example of collaboration playing a key role to business growth and job creation. Full article…

Community collaboration gets former dropouts back on track for graduation, jobs

While we are on the topic of jobs and collaboration, this article specifically focuses on young people and employment.  Carol McGraw wrote this piece for The Gazette (Colorado, USA), explaining how collaboration works as a strategic solution even in the most challenging areas.  Full article…

Collaboration is key to aviation industry

ROADMENDER has published a number of articles about what I call mega collaboration, which focuses on industry-wide solutions as strategic responses to market challenges. These articles have often focused on how, with a bit of entrepreneurialism, innovation and collaborative strategy, major industries such as transport, banking, manufacturing, education, city infrastructure etc can achieve a new level of operational balance, growth and sustainability. This article by Thomas Kirkhope from The Scotsman focuses on the aviation industry.  Full article…

Stakeholders urge collaboration among health workers

Collaboration has become a ‘must-know-how-to’ skill in industrially leading countries as they face challenges that are hard to predict.  However, the concept and idea of collaboration is fast gaining acceptance across all corners of the globe as many economies and societies recognise that collaboration does not just have to be a ‘response’ strategy but also a ‘pre-emptive growth’ strategy.  Here is an article by Alemma-Ozioruva Aliu from Benin City in relation to health service provision and its challenges.  Full article…

Competitive Collaboration – why it will save the world

It was not that long ago when the words ‘competition and collaboration’ were seen as an odd pairing. Collaboration strategists, educators, practitioners and many others have overcome that and now fully understand that collaboration and competition are in fact the best of buddies.  I really like this piece by Simon Wild and I think it’s worth sharing and discussing further with your collaboration minded colleagues. Full article…

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